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March 06, 2011


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Sue fox

Oh, you look so pretty next to pink!

Love you Sue x

Molokai Girl

Oops....well this was my Stumbling Towards Ecstasy post, but perhaps it will fit in with postcards from paradise! ; )

Margaret Pangert

I like the reverse perspective! Everyone seems more natural.
Love the colorful mosaic--reminds me of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Have a wonderful Sunday!


The opportunity to see the eye of the beholder, beholding is rare indeed. There is a quote that I am now paraphrasing that tells us that more than paintings, sculpture or any other medium the photograph carries with it a trace of the original subject. I like that perspective alot, especially when I look at photos here of such good friends. Thank you Rebecca for a lovely post.


Through our eyes...captured by yours!

You've gathered these lovely postcards together, like we could reach out and touch.



Rebecca, this is just beautiful. I love that Stephanie and her esposo pix are here. How sweet it is. You always give me inspiration. Have a great Sunday.


I love all these shots of photgraphs being shot. Great subject for a postcard from paradise!


oh my!
to appear with you
in the mirror again
savoring that warm afternoon...

and poppies today
more blooming on the way...

xox - eb.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Thanks, Rebecca. I'll participate, but have overnight company so it might be tomorrow before I post. I love your invitation to have a bird's eye view of life.

deb taylor

oh Rebecca, you have really touched my heart strings here, as my passion for photography continues to grow and blossom every day. I love every single shot here, especially since I know so many of us gathered I am going to write my own postcard..

Magical Mystical Teacher

What would we do without cameras in our quest for beauty?


i recognize some of those faces from blogland and how fun to see all the sweet self shots...i'm still a bit shy about self shots...but my boy's hand and butterfly are posted for you, dear rebecca


Hi Rebecca dear,
I reposted an older blogpost of Meena and candle. I found that the earlier photo was distorted, not authorized and had another photo behind it. I found the photographer, got her permission and found information about her that is so lovely I wanted to share it so I am posting it again if anyone has an interest.


i am leaving you this--->
~~a word of kindness~~

take 2 or 3 words...


are a Joyful gather/leader
who Motivates others to Look & See
this comes from Being
i do think...


I: found you at frannie
YOU: had me at stones
WE: shall share snippet


i've been so involved with OTHERs in life,
i've lost track of how to type and leave comments:
regretting the absence of s's above

found you at frannie'S
had me at stones
will share snippetS


OOPS!!! My first post #15 is from last week. #16 is the one for today. Beautiful post today, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing and keeping haiku close to our hearts.

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