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March 10, 2011


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This is truly spiritual. Thanks.

All the best, Boonie

Margaret Pangert

Hi Rebecca~ Your image is amazing! The diaphanous sphere strewn with dandelion candles is an altar for the mysteries of prayer. Yes! Everything we do is connected to mother earth and her spirit. This is so creative, beautiful, spiritual: I love it.

Grammy E

Hi Rebecca,
I love the orb in the photo. Did you do this. You Haiku is beautiful too. : )


That first picture is just magical. And the haiku perfect --


Your Haiku today is a work of great merit and of high spiritual value!! Very sacred and admirable qualities which are so very delicate!!


Bright seeker who holds up the crystalline orb that magnifies that fragility that we might otherwise simply trod upon or pass by. It is so very beautiful, lifting its butter yellow head in spiritual assent to those who prayerfully lend an ear. Your haiku reminds me of something St. Francis would have said.

Caya Papaya

beautiful. Counting my blessings.

Sue fox

"Daisies are my silver
Buttercups my gold",
these childhood songs of praise, fragments of memory I treasure, bringing back to mind all that I am grateful for in our 'belonging'.

love Sue x

Magical Mystical Teacher

Walking on prayers—
transported from death to life
step by step by step.


Oh yes I WILL and do hold your hand as we walk upon prayers for Japan!!!

Still it's strange to think that when horrible things are happening, beautiful miracles manifest at the same time.

A lovely friend thought of me
by sending a beautifully thought out parcel my way.
There were handmade lovelies. A paper glove that points the way to an elegant past, where songs were sung by friends for fun. There was also gift created with Mother Nature.
Seeds that will giveback to life with the color of joy.
So thoughtful was she, that there was even a magic plate painted with clover, by hands in Japan. Because she remembers that her friend is still looking over a four leaf clover, that she has overlooked before. And today is the day that the same friend will read these words and be sure her mitzvah fills my heart with joy.
Loving all describe this angel on earth you,
I share your love with because your
cup runneth over.
A family of friends have you
And I feel blessed to be counted as one~
With love,


"we walk on prayers"

yes. lovely haiku, expressing truth for all of us on this day. many in japan will need our prayers...


oh my sheltered existence!
i have seen
or heard NO news at all
since yesterday afternoon:
no TV
no radio
no computer
popped in here to late start my day!


and read this-->
catastrophic earthquake,
tsunami warnings,
epic destruction, loss of life'''

catch up...

i was
in my Peaceful Cone of Silence...

{{ i will follow
other's haiku links
i become
Aware of the World }}


I am in a fog of drugs and had no idea what was going on in the world.

Now I have the radio on...our world is off balance. Sending my foggy thoughts out to all.


Gloria Y

day breaks
earth quakes
heart aches

can't think too clearly right now, but glad to stop by on the way into work, catch a breath...

deb taylor

holding silently

ms pie

yes please... oh glorious spring, oh glorious life.. a few days ago i could not help but to search for the crocus beneath the melting wet snow... it must be close... as if, as if my happiness depended on it... and now today as japan sifts through the destruction i look around and feel blessed for the earth holding still under my feet... i am humbled to look up and pray for their courage and their strength and for those losses which are hard to comprehend...

deb @ talk at the table

ah... rebecca ..
I knew I would come here and find something just perfect.

Gloria Y

As a child your lovely picture of daisies and the reflecting globe would have been hidden beneath my pillow to give me 'magic' dreams. Today it reminds me of the the healing magic of finding beauty in the world around us, especially need for times like these.
Rebecca, thank you.

Kim andersen



Walking softly with my faith in prayers.
Love to you...


my first time here, will explore more.

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