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March 23, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

As I said in my last e-mail to you, Rebecca: Traveling Mercies! I'm sure you will be a wonder-filled representative, sharing your wisdom, your pain and your love in ways that will touch many hearts.

I leave you with this breath of light from Julian of Norwich: "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."


Travel safely and look forward to reading what transpired, I'm sure all good. Take care Rebecca.

Karen Gerstenberger

Blessings and traveling mercies to you on your way! What a wonderful experience this will be. People will learn so much more from you, rather than from a textbook reading. May you be strong and free and joy-filled as you "open your heart" and speak. I admire your giving spirit tremedously. HUGS to you.


safe travels my are an inspiration, truly.

thank you for opening the door for us, I will return tomorrow.


deb @ talk at the table

what everyone has said..

love you

Ms. Moon

I am SO proud of you! Vaya con Dios. Come home safely.

Grammy E

My thoughts are with you. : ) Enjoy every moment.

Dawn Elliott

You are the perfect person for the job, Rebecca. Call forth those conversations...let the voices be heard...elicit possibilities. Travel well, my friend.


No Haiku, my dear. Rabinadrath Tagore instead with prayers for Japan. I am praying for you knowing that your life, your voice, your Self will be a shining Beacon in that place, rebecca. I am confident of it. The world is starving rebecca and you have the one Good Word that is better than Bread.

Much Love,

Caya Papaya

Also wishing you a safe and happy journey. What an amazing woman you are- those that will be meeting with you and learning from you are blessed.

Sue fox

Hearts are flying with you there and back,
all good wishes for our 'advocate'

Sue x


A peaceful journey for you dear Rebecca. May peace prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother.





may your efforts *bloom*

Kim Mailhot

They are so lucky to have your spirit and energy engaging in their work, Beautiful Rebecca. Enjoy the process, Big Love !

Kim Andersen

blessings on your trip as you "take flight"

hugs, Kimmie

Gloria Y

In this lovely place
I have found both heart and hearth
Travel well, dear friend


Safe travels and best wishes in all you do.
I have linked an earlier post for my haiku this week as I have been away.

Margaret Lambert

I am so pleased to hear that this long anticipated trip is taking place! I'm sure that everyone involved will benefit from the experience. Enjoy, then return home safe and sound!

ms pie

so excited for you... a wonderful safe journey... traveling mercies.... a sweet song of a voice heard above the noise... it is good to be among the wings of angels...


I hope your trip is wonderful and all that you hope for and more. Take care, roxanne

Margaret Pangert

Dear Rebecca~ Your heart is as big as the one in the redbud tree! Phil wrote a haiku about pompes... The friends around you will always be singing soft clouds, soaring dreams, scented blossoms, and bearing love to you and basking in your love and compassion. Look forward to seeing you here on Sunday!


Hi rebecca. I stopped in to read Haiku and found it was not too late for me to join you. Hope you are having a good trip.


I'm so glad to have found this haiku haven here. This is a warm haven. Safe travels to you Rebecca.


Thank you Rebecca for all these beautiful haiku blossoms! Blessings for your travels!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Always in my prayers YOU are! HOPE your trip was a GREAT INSPIRATION and HOPE!!!(((((((Rebecca))))))


Thinking of you as you advocate for Pomps and teach others in Boston! May many great things come from your willingness to you and others!

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