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March 03, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

in darkness
the light still shining
dazzles us

noelle clearwater

I think that you are the light in one another still. I see it in your son's eyes and face-- that beautiful compassionate energy and open-hearted smile. These are the sparkling circles of family love, family trust and togetherness. May it always be so. May your son's light be a beacon to all as yours is my friend.


Isn't it magic...
how light patterns fuse together,
and how we love?
You touch my heart.


Swirls of sparklers in a significant whirlpool of love and may it always be blessed and peaceful life!!

Caya Papaya

So interesting, I was first going to choose a picture of my sister today that had an interesting light thing happening- but instead I chose a picture of my son too.
Such beautiful wishes for your son:-)
How lucky we are to be mothers to sons.

Gloria Y

Beautiful vision and thought to carry into my dreaming and seed for tomorrow's possibilities.
Always grateful to make it here again!

Sue fox

From little sparklers,
to flowering fountains and spinning wheels,
how they light up your life!

Have a lovely weekend to Rebecca and all,
Sue x


My friend, I need this light today as my heart is dark. I wrote haiku and posted, but it was just me telling you that I am very sad as I lost a good friend yesterday.
Thank you for your beautiful outlook on life through good and bad.


deb taylor

this is such a lovely tribute to the light of your life. I am a bit stunned at the similar words we danced with today in our haikus...maybe we are channeling the same light, different source. Feel the warmth. Hold it tight.

Kim Mailhot

Your Mother Love is beautiful, Rebecca !
What a love and light filled message you have shared today !
Love that.
Happy Friday !


How bright is this mother light...

happy day my dear!


what a wonderful haiku and image - our children are oh so precious and wondrous.
I did not think I would post today but I read Spadoman's post and had to post a journal entry I made after my brother passed. He too flew with the eagles.
My heart goes out to Spadoman.

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

I'd like to thank Deb for my inspiration today.


Very inspirational, and thank you for the beauty of your awe inspiring words. Have a great weekend. Now I'm of to read more before I commence my duties here at home.


I enjoyed this!!! You picture is really great and the Haiku ties in so very well! WOW!


Beautiful Rebecca, just beautiful.


what a beautiful photo... light and love
a stunning image
oh, for more miracles...

Margaret Pangert

Dazzling, sparkling light:
jOy nurtured in my center
Right below my heart.
So sweet, Rebecca, and loving. ♥


the son/sun shines

you spread the light...

xox - eb.


From innocent heart
to exploring questing hands
Childhood explosion


that sparkle snap reminds me of my son's hair...spun of gold and speak the words of motherhood, dear rebecca...there is no other place it could come from...i have a photo from last summer of a monarch perched on my son's hand as we enjoyed a picnic by the beach...i will always hold that day in my heart and i look at the gentle hand holding the butterfly...xo


how i adore this photo and haiku!

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