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February 07, 2011


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thinking of you today...

Cinda Rae Oliverio

WOO HOO! EXCITEMENT is in the air!! Good Luck everyone!!! SWEET! Valentine's Day for someone! Beautiful rugs, Beautiful women and one man!!! hehe


Bonifacia Tovar, Silveria Mora, Isabel Ramirez, Petra (Grande ) Ramirez and Rebecca (Grande) Corazon, are beautiful links of love in a colorful and rich tapestry. One filled with kindness and wonder!


Miss Robyn

Rebecca, did you work out a way that I can actually enter? via paypal? ta - love to you today!! xo

Ms. Moon

Sweetie- Is this the one I already entered a while back? And if it's not or if it is and I don't win, can you tell me how to buy a rug? Because you know I must have one.


These works just make me smile!! ohhhh those chickens...



I love those chickens and the beautiful mermaid. Those ladies are just awesome.

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

You are such a sweetheart! Your overflowing kindness moistens the world's heart.

deb taylor

Thank you Rebecca for reaching thru your own pain to help others with a huge heart, compassion and passion.

Fran Meneley

How wonderful! I love the women as much as their work...thanks for sharing!! xo fran

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