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February 13, 2011


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deb taylor have stumbled all over me, picked up my pieces and wiped off my wings to fly again...~free~...thank you beyond words. Your heart graces the bedroom walls this week, and it will eventually fly all over this happy home!!

Sue fox

I feel sorry for the world, the world of those who haven't come across our world! The world of caring by sharing something of the heart with each other.

I thank you as always for this,
love Sue x


You offer us such beauty, such love, such a sense of belonging. I believe that it starts with each person and if they receive love then they have the ability to share it with others and it becomes multiplied until the world is slowly changed. If we keep it to ourselves, this house of belonging will surely tumble to the ground. I love your words today. They are as beautiful, as filled with grace as something Gibran would write. I believe that we are of the same mind today.
Much Love on Valentines Day and Always,

abi monroe

Oh how I wish I was eloquent like you.
Thought provoking words and beautiful images. I love the last one - is that you holding the heart of wings? cute dress. I like a lot :O)
Just about to blog about your Auction.... Lots of love to you.

Miss Robyn

mine took me to market to market...

your words always are perfect for me.. I stumble always trying to be one with the Divine.. it is a trust issue for me.. something I am working towards with my inner little girl..
[I saw the heart at Deb's blog.. it is just divine]
{if it is ok, could I print these words into my journal - to read and re-read over and over - to help me remember :
the house of belonging. the power of being apart of something greater than ourselves}
oh & I love your new profile photo !! xo


"hearts are unmoored" is such a strong image for me, thank you for this today.


right here. to see your lovely heart. i think about these things, too. how i may be having a nice day, while my friend lies in the hospital in pain. or vice versa. and i'm comforted by the thought that all of us are held, in each of these moments, in the heart of the One who knows the end from the beginning...


my stumble
is each day
was a day of
the hearts
for so very much
for you
and the many...

xox - eb.

Molokai Girl

Too long a story to tell, but how appropriate your words are today-more than than they usually are only because of a string of events recently.
As always, I am on the quest to learn how to live in the moment. So difficult to do. But, glorious when you do, no matter how brief.

Laurie Zuckerman

As always, Rebecca, your words are searingly true and profound.


after reading your words i had to share too
thanks Rebecca
bless your heart and lots of love, hearts, and light to you

Gloria Y

Rebecca, each time I come here I am reminded that grace and goodness are profoundly abundant, right here, right now. Thank you for this beautiful place.

keeping hope alive
is not so much an effort
it's recognition


Only time to blow kisses your way dearest.

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