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February 20, 2011


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Sue fox

What can I say? Nothing seems adequate,

Sue x

Ms. Moon

Sometimes the unbearable cruelty of what we call life is so overwhelming. What can we do except keep lighting candles to keep the darkness at bay?
What a beautiful candle you have written here today, Rebecca.
For Josseline.


This is such a tragic loss Rebecca, and you honour Josseline so beautifully here. x


Reading this and the link to Josseline's story, raindrops fell outside, from my eyes and in my heart.


beautiful and so so sad.
i love your heart rebecca, so big and open.
and your writing is always such soulful poetry.


So tragic- and even sadder that she is one of many. My heart aches for her brother and family. thanks for honoring her memory.


So sad.

deb @ talk at the table

It's all such a complicated thing...
in the end ... it seems all so terribly sad .

Dawn Elliott

Reading Josseline's story is sobering and so very sad. Thank you for keeping this story current, so that people can become more aware and perhaps try, in their own ways, to make a difference.

ms pie

so glad to have stopped by and was able to read josseline's life journey.... amazing the capacity of selfless love... it is all encompassing... and heartbreaking.... shall we all count our blessings for every little breathe we take.... as believers in christ there is a beauty in knowing that absent from the body is present with the lord... amen... thank you for this post and the link as well... blessings to you for an open caring heart...

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