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February 02, 2011


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I am sending you a big hug and lots of love.

deb taylor

This is wonderful, heart-touching can we support him? and you my Love?

Ms. Moon

I am going to dedicate all of my steps today to you and to Phil. It won't help a damn thing but I'm going to do it anyway.
You are such a beautiful woman.

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

My heart has wings from hearing this wonderful news: his willingness to run for you.

Kim Mailhot

teaming up to spread the joy and love - what could be better...
Joyous love to you today, Wonderful Rebecca!

Miss Robyn

beautiful Rebecca xo
he is holding you in his heart as he runs.. things like this bring peace to our world xo


how wonderful to know that Phil is carrying you in his heart as he runs. what an incredible team they are, with you at the helm...

there is so much HOPE for all the suffering as these huge hearts and minds merge.


deb @ talk at the table

okay, that is so amazing.
And I'd never heard of this organization?, I wonder if there is a Canadian branch.

Tomorrow when I do my mini mini very mini marathon, I will think of you . And it will feel like dancing.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

I'm dancing as I type this, for YOU and me!!! I have to lose weight to beat anymore cancer in my body soOOOOOo some of my body has to vanish!! Yayyyyyy! Philip!! Thinking of YOU dear sweet woman!is a JOY!!!


Oh Rebecca
Love,healing light and prayers to your amazing heart with an abundance of JOY.


I am so very happy to hear this Rebecca. Healing and Love to you.


I love how you wrote about this -- what a beautiful person you are -- to inspire such beauty, too.


Well, I sure as heck hope that somebody was running for Myasthenia Gravis, even though there are only 4 per 100.000 of us, as it is a bleeding nuisance to live with.
Wouldn't you give anything to be running yourself for a cause like this? I can never totally suppress envy when these awareness efforts are cropping up. I know, getting bitter doesn't do much good, but they don't ever raise awareness doing something vile, like scrubbing floors or cleaning streets, do they?


This is a lovely post. Thanks.

All the best, Boonie

Magical Mystical Teacher

It's Friday morning, Rebecca, and I'm missing you and your Haiku My Heart link. I trust all is well with you. Take care, dear heart, take care.


Hi Rebecca,

Echoing Magical Mystical Teacher's post that I am missing your Haiku My Heart link. Though I could not link to you, I did a haiku post today. You have started a wonderful Friday tradition for my haiku heart! Again, I hope that all is well.



Prayers hugs and love sent to you and to the runners, and all that suffer, for the health and happiness of the people.
Mitakwe Oyasin


Ramesh Sood

Ah, two worlds,
Real and in thoughts
Happiness in both is a bliss.. God bless..
Happiness in giving.. in receiving and therefore giving again... what a cycle.. smooth and comfortable.. Joy Ride.. What else can I say.. continue to have your Joy Rides..

Karen Gerstenberger

Oh, what a wonderful man - and company. May God bless him and his colleagues with joy in the running, and success in research! And may your suffering be eased. May you be blessed with all you need, PLUS JOY, every moment.


you know i feel the same...


Oh wow. WOW. I just looked up the website and found the link where readers (me included!) can donate $ for Phil's run...



What a wonderful post Rebecca. The Boston Marathon is 10 weeks away. I will run hundreds of miles leading up to that day and you will be with me for every one of them. I am truly blessed to have such an wonderful partner in this journey.

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