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February 23, 2011


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Allegra Smith

Looking at a helleboros not too long ago I turn to B.Loved and asked him "who paints these things?" Indeed. I love the last hour of Sun, when the entire world appears covered with golden fire and the birds become quiet on the branches, somehow in their DNA there are the guides to some ancient ritual, the moment of grace for the warmth of the Sun, the welcoming silence at the first sight of the Moon.

Snowing here tonight. More tomorrow and the world will be white and silent. And the spirit will retreat into a childhood memory and for a brief moment, all will be well with the world.

Love from here as always.


i tried to pick a favorite verse here, but i couldn't. i would have to quote it all back to you.

breathing in with you... thank you for this beauty.

Ms. Moon



How that holy fire spreads and changes

and moves us!


Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

What a gift it is to notice. To marvel. To capture and share images of the holy fire that dances around us and within us.

Kim Mailhot

what magnificent fire ! Love this post, Rebecca.
Happy Thursday !


Stunning! x


Thank you for sharing this beauty. The strength of colour at sunset always fills me with awe.


Wow! Look at those vivid colours!

deb taylor

you always set me on fire...and then I swim in your hair to douse the flames ~ giggles~


Whoa, that is so beautiful.


Ireally like your pictures very much and very happy you found my blog and joined the challenge...


How did I miss this amazing feast of Holy Fire and Sacred Snow! This magnificent and glorious watercolor crescendo to the pale colors of the day?? There is no other word to describe these images or your poetic song than Numinous.
Thank you my friend!

Jan Halvard Edvardsen

Bonitas fotos!

Saludos de Jan Halvard
noruego en La Paz, Bolivia
¬°Buenos dias Bolivia!

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