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February 04, 2011


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Your haiku was written to me. I was waiting, waiting to link to my post. But I know how you feel about words. I want to do it, but sometimes there is no flow. And there is something to be said of silence, of nothing on the mind.
I'm glad you're here. I'm fortunate to know you and I am so enthusiastic about meeting you a short time from now.
And another word about the post below this one. More hugs and love and prayers to the runners and those suffering.


Uma Gowrishankar

That's beautiful Rebecca, words clamouring for attenion and you still them all with that stunning haiku : truly distilled beauty.


You are the highlight of the week...

Five and five make ten
Ten and seven seventeen
Just enough for now.

My haiku just 'comes' overnight.
Nothing to do with me at all.
As is the image. I have to rush out of bed, barefoot every Friday morn, to scribble it down quick before it evaporates.
The workings of the mind...
Who can unravel them.
No wonder these are so revealing. Scarily so.

Kim Mailhot

You are just so perfect as you are.

Thanks you for the added effort it took to join us today.
Happy Friday !

deb taylor deserve a silent day...honestly, your haiku speaks volumes.I am still grinning after our phone convy last night! I awoke to a fresh new topic today!!

Ms. Moon

I'm wearing silver
This morning for my journey
That will speak for me.

I love you, Rebecca.

Gloria Y

Now that, Rebecca, is a haiku's haiku. Gorgeous! I can just imagine the old masters grinning ear to ear with delight!
Anticipating the day ahead of me:

Sprinting hard toward spring
Adolescence gathers round

Sue fox

My dearest Rebecca,

I'm throwing leaves to the sky with you and wrapping you in tender love, whilst bouncing on my bouncy castle with you.

Love always

Sue x

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

Sometimes coincidences show us the way, even if we don't consciously take note of them. I'm glad your yesterday is behind you.

Ramesh Sood

Well, I am feeling the silence all around let the pause prolong.. bearing it togehter will be easier..

A lovely intense haiku..Rebecca..


That's just wild, Rebecca! There are no accidents, though, just a wild synchronicity, no?

I have been struggling with silence of late -- my own and others. I posted about Odilon Redon's painting titled "Silence." Perhaps you've seen it?

Noelle Clearwater

It is in silence that we find our true voice and our true healing. In the vicissitudes of our lives and in our deepest flaws we find the soul that often eludes us in the every day journeys we take.


The murmur of our mind working and thinking is heard loud and clear only when we observe silence.

The great Mahatma Gandhi was known for his 'maun vrath' (day of silence) to penetrate the cluttered noisiness of the world around to seek the flaming light of peace.

Thank you Rebecca , your words set me thinking!!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Haiku. Short. Forget syllable count. Too artificial. XOXOXO!

Grammy E

I can feel your words deeply as I share some of your thoughts. Have a wonderful day no matter what. Big hug sent your way.


Seventeen - what a realization for you.
I am so thankful for this spot you have created. It brings joy and insight to my life.


Your seventeen paradox speaks volumes.
There is a gentle breeze today,
butterfly effect, full of love for you.


Your friends who've commented on your blog today have offered you the adulation that you deserve. I endorse all that they say.
Take care.

Have a good week, Boonie


so what of this year's shrines???

i have a bagfull of upcycled skulls clamoring for the plce of honor.


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