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February 14, 2011


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it is sort of a miracle, isn't it?

i love your beautiful hands...

Ms. Moon

Here's the amazing thing:
At this very moment, all of what you wrote about is happening. Every bit of it.
Whirling, we are. In a circular motion.
Loving you today. Tomorrow too. Same-same.

Kim Mailhot

It has been a miracle in my life. This I know. Thank you for being such a bright thread in this gorgeous tapestry of love !



your heart and hands are beauty to me, you have brightened my world beyond the limits of our blogs.

thank you for being my friend. yes, as mary says, same-same.

i love you so.

Karen Gerstenberger

Happy Valentine's Day to one who has expanded the countours of my heart. Blessings to you - xoxo


What a lovely idea...such a simple and BEautiful way to send heARTfelt love to those that lift our spirits.

as you do mine

I heART you!

Noelle Clearwater

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely friend. I sent you a little ecard as well. Thank you for tending the roses so beautifully in the garden of our friendship.
Love to you today and always,


You do lift my spirits. You have such beautiful hands and such a warm heart. God Bless You! Happy Valentines Friend Day!


This is lovely Rebecca, and so true! I love the blog world and all my friends there and the kindness and joy I find. Also the way we do support each other in little ways through the harder times. Beautiful! Happy Valentine's day to you my friend! x

Kim andersen

A beautiful and love filled "suggestion" here ... (in my family that is what we call those pokes in the behind) .... I love how you are holding on tightly to that heart with wings. I can almost see the wings fluttering with expectancy about the journey ahead :)


I told Adrienne that love is a heart with wings. We have flown so close together, you and I for so long that it is easy for us to tell when our wings touch even from a distance.

Happy Hearts Day to you my dear, with my love as always.

Grammy E

Hi Rebbecca, big hug for your big heart. : )
Have a wonderful day.


You made time, reached out and took me in one day, and I found comfort in your words. This is so beautiful. Thank you.


Oh, rebecca -- you've spoken so beautifully for all of us.

Thank you and many blessings your way, always


Ahhh, be still my heart.


Oh happy day to a lady with a BIG heart~

Lovely words and photographs and heart~~~

Dawn Elliott

Rebecca, I have always marveled at your writing and find "for all of you who take the time to...hold each other up in the turbulent dance of life..." is beautiful beyond words!

I've just begun to take that leap of faith into the blogging world and am touched and delighted at every turn. Thank you for your support in gettting it all started.

deb @ talk at the table


I love you.

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