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January 08, 2011


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Miss Robyn

I love, love your paper bag heads! and that crow - oh be still my heart..
it makes me want to grab my black paint and some paper bags and paint!

[the blogger list question you asked: with blogger there is an option when you link to a blog to either have a photo, a line of the post or just the heading. not sure if you can do that with typepad]

bless you always xoxo

lyle baxter

love the drawings! especially the crow!he is an old friend!


: )

Sue fox

Running out of paper bags, we can't have that!
Will have to ship you some over!

We have resident crows at our cottage they lived here before we re-built the place from rubble - that's another story!

I love this line of art - keep it flowing,

Love Sue x

Ms. Moon

And in a semi-parallel universe my backyard has been filled with blackbirds of one sort and another for days.
Threads indeed....
Dance on, sweetie. Dance on.


To me these paintings are spiritual and organic... Love them...


I adore this whole process. The bird reminds me of a Poe poem which makes me even more in love with these heads and the paper bags. I am buying you stock in a wholesale grocery company so you shall never run out. Lovely work rebecca dear...


omigoodness, Rebecca. Your are on such a roll. I love the sweetness that lives in your particular expression of C.C.'s inspiration.


I just love all your work, they are wonderful.

Laurie Zuckerman

You continue to get better and better with your brushwork. You are a natural painter!!!


there is something so primitively wonderful about brown paper bag, black and white...

evokes cave painting



Love love love love love what you are doing here, Rebecca!

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