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January 26, 2011


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deb taylor

oh my...OH MY...I am trying not to cuss here and now....but are FLYING!! I so want to get plastered with you


what could be better???
i can stay home and get plastered all day with my girlfriends and still sleep with my husband at night!

Judy Wise

Rebecca. Thank you, I am humbled.


I'd LOVE to get plastered with you guys!!!




i am thinking of getting plastered
with yous guys

go ahead
talk me into it,


{{ i will be traveling until june 15th;
do you think that would matter?

must run ask... }}

Ms. Moon

dearheart- you are such a glorious window to the world, to the heart, to the very soul of it all.

Karen Gerstenberger

I'm thrilled for you! What a wonderful thing to anticipate, as you enjoy your painting in the now!


I'll be getting plastered with you. . . PayPal'ed them this morning. I'd already reserved a copy of the book though. But it seems like such a LONG TIME to wait. Oh shit, oh dear. . . I hate waiting.


These are just sooooo beautiful!


getting plastered with you -- I can't imagine how glorious!


:) These are amazing!!!


This workshop looks fabulous!!!
Love the depth and texture...sigh!
I share your JOY!!!


These paintings are absolutely beautiful! Are the first ones made with plaster or encaustic? I'll have to look up Judy Wise's blog/website to find out. Her portraits are wonderful! And Stephanie's paintings are equally beautiful. I really like the last painting in particular.

Thank you for the links, Rebecca. I'm going to look at their book in a moment. Hope you are having a great day. New York & New Jersey are winter wonderlands this morning. Central Park has 18 inches - oh to be their on cross country skis! Anyway, hope you are having an artfilled day.


Rebecca, I just came back from the course website...soooo cool! I'm going to sign up for it. We'll be plastermates!

Kim Mailhot

you will have so much joy hanging with Judy - even if it is on line. she exudes it !!!so excited for you !


You are so good about sharing the JOY!! Come on over for some besos...


Laura Hegfield

oh how wonderful...experiencing in your joy!

Eryl Shields

Oh my, how I would love to get plastered too! The photos of the work are wonderful, the work is wonderful.

Magical Mystical Teacher

A wonder-filled way to get plastered!


...and in fact I just bought some plaster this past weekend. Hope to use it when I come up with something. I love your lady and how she looks, especially her eyes.


these are exquisite. I am so happy for you dear. May your new dreams take lovely flight and be borne in all the glory you expect of them. Your paintings already show such incredible and passionate promise!

L Marsh

Well, yes, getting plastered with those two would be the best time ever!

abi Monroe

Wow! such beautiful paintings Rebecca! This sound like a lot of fun.

Hope you are well my friend.


There is nothing better than getting your fingers into a long awaited project (or, in my case, a long waiting project). Your crow woman is so fine. I'm thinking that Cinda (who isn't blogging anymore) would have loved seeing this.

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