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January 11, 2011


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Perhaps dear, I have the answer to the question I just emailed you. These dark and tearfully sad faces, birds in downward flight and the excerpt from Oliver's poem--so heart opening and profound are a graceful and beautiful memorial comment to what has occurred in our nation this week.

Miss Robyn

sorrow - hurt - pain.. all hold gifts.. I am learning to let them go and come into the person who they are moulding me to be. BUT it is good to sit with them for awhile.. know what i mean?

Robyn xoxo


Yes! When I finally embraced the sadness, I discovered a gift of knowledge.

Molokai Girl

One of the best lines I heard (which I think is the name of a book) is, "I've been in sorrow's kitchen and licked all her pots clean". OR, something to that effect.
We really don't get to pick and choose the things in life that are there. Very profound post...

Ms. Moon

Light shines brightest when it pierces the darkness.


touching me deeply...

your drawings are opening a well of beauty here.



Hello Rebecca!
Someone gave that same gift to me once too. Perhaps thrice and I learned much from the experience.
Like your paintings above. Very nice.
Sending you all the goodness that can be gained by knowing sorrow.



Beautiful paintings and wonderful poem you've chosen


This illustration is beautiful, Rebecca. You are onto something here with your paintings and the poems. I want to see MORE paintings and with YOUR stories (you are such a good storyteller). And then I want you to have a show with ALL of your artwork and stories. And then publish a book. Okay?

Magical Mystical Teacher

My Lady Sorrow,
you have come to me again—
and you found me how?

Laurie Zuckerman

Fabulous post. Love this poem. Great paintings. Extremely poignant.

deb @ talk at the table

I've never heard this quote before, Rebecca. Thank you for it.
And with your art... it is a gift .

sorry for my absence and my lack of consistency in blogging , joining things etc. there are a few reasons, life stuff, all good, but the seasons of our lives are our lives, we can't always plan .
you know that well enough.

I hope you have walked out from under the cloud of recent darkness , letting love and hope unfurl from turned soil.

love to you.


so beautiful Rebecca...

xox - eb.

Karen Gerstenberger

Love, love, love Mary Oliver, and your new artwork.

ms pie

hmmmm how very interesting to put the indescribable into words full of meaning hanging like over ripened fruit ready to fall... the shades of gray linger on the edges of darkness and smirk... love the photos too... thank you for this... reaching out and speaking so sweetly...


i love this. and you...

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