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January 30, 2011


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a plague has fallen upon our house. but i am here.


deb taylor

Today I am stumbling towards the edge of the sea...Rebecca, this is such a beautiful post...I am going to read it again, and again!

Miss Robyn

oh this is ecstasy, divine, love.. beautiful

like Deb, I am going to read it again and again..
mine is up.. not sure if I am stumbling towards ecstasy but I am stumbling xo

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Pure ecstasy!!! A LOVE of an older woman, I have known this love many times, well let me see, there was Pearl, Annie, Kathleen,Nell (Alberta, Virginia, Garnet,these 3 being grandmothers who I adored!),Mary(my mother-in-law, whom I miss more than she would ever have imagined!), Violet, Margaret and I too, have a Jane! I am becoming that older woman! I HOPE I can have a sweet young girly like YOU, Rebecca in my life! I am glad we are in each other's lives!!! (((Rebecca)))) I will come back to read this post too!


Dear Heart, You told me the details in these beautiful words. I can only hope I'm remembered by my kin as you remembered yours. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.


deb @ talk at the table

oh, rebecca.

just . oh.

hugs to you beautiful woman.

Laurie Zuckerman

This is a most splendidly written piece, Rebecca. And beautiful, touching photos. You are such a master of the written word and the paintbrush, and the mosaic. Thank you for sharing yourself.

Ms. Moon

Lookout Mountain? Really? My mama and my daddy were born and raised there. You have a connection?


oo my i must go back and treasure this gratitude close to my own heart remembrances...thank you, miss rebecca


How beautiful -- so many stories and beautiful words. I will come back to them and savor. And the photos, too -- thank you Rebecca!

Fran aka Redondowriter

So exquisitely recalled--your narrative is like a painting. Each of those black and white photos, when contemplated, pops up in amazing colors. Thank you. I hope you are feeling well this week, Rebecca, and thanks for visiting Sacred Ordinary.

Molokai Girl

Indeed. Exquisite. No other words can give it justice. Exquisite words. Exquisite images. Exquisite person.

Sue fox

Your gifts never cease to amaze thank you,
love Sue x


You've written an emotionally stimulating and visually colorful word picture enhanced by the photos. Reminded me of a relocation move from Great Lakes midwest snow country to the west -- memories.


You are so talented. This is great.

All the best, Boonie


such precious memories... told with artful beauty.

L Marsh

Wonderful images and words. Thanks!


YOU are a beautiful girl~woman all sparkly* wonderful with morsels to share with the squirrels and people. The ones you love who have tied ribbons to your heart. They are attached to your soul, and have infused your fire earth water and air you possess. Love all who you are!
I thought of you yesterday, btw.


Magical Mystical Teacher

As I child, I liked to eat the store-bought, factory-made fruitcakes that everyone seems to make fun of these days. If I had bitten into one of those homemade ones which you remember, I probably would have died on the spot--death by ecstasy!


I sit here stunned in a form of nostalgia for your memories

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