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January 09, 2011


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Sue fox

Ecstasy Complete, thank you.

Love Sue x


Found truth in the words of the poem I posted here. with love.

Miss Robyn

mine is still stumbling towards ecstasy through darkness.. but that is ok.. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel :)


I am enamored with the "work of your hands" my dear. The sheer and unimaginable, breathtaking beauty of the human hand, outstretched, in repose, forming a Mudra, grasping, holding a wreath, offering balance or holding one's full weight, wrist-to-wrist as if bound by some unknown force, fingers through the hair as on a worried night, holding up a light that others may see, holding a babe... I am astounded..pure bliss.xoxox Noelle

abi Monroe

Rebecca - you always find such magical and inspiring images.
I feel like I haven't 'spoken' to you much lately, and for this reason I feel everso slightly bad. But, the good part is that I know you are always there... and that is important to me, than anything. Does that make any sense?!
Love to you my Rebecca XXX


Beautfiful work by all these peoples. Just make me want to linger and feel the impact of their work. Warms my heart to say to you, please have a wonderful week awesome woman.

Ms. Moon

Ah Love. I should post a picture of my bed with all of its pillows because that is where I tumble into ecstasy- every night when I fall down into the darkness and light of my sleepy dreaming.
Is this depression or the worship of the unchained mind at play?
I do not know but I know I love you.


Amazing images...there is so much talent here.
P.S. I gave you the stylish blogger award on my blog. Stop by and check it out. I hope you don't mind : )


a walk
a full yoga practice
a pink smear of sunset
veiled and unveiled
tree bones, cloud flesh
the hard and the soft
embracing this winter tango...

love you,
xox - eb.


my ecstacy this Sunday was getting home safely through snow and ice and many miles...wonderful to warm my soul here with you.



Beautiful! How have I missed that fabulous O'Keeffe all these years!

Miss Robyn

you said on my blog in a comment: "and when fear arrives...what sends it quickly faraway is to turn my attention to helping others.
i am so grateful to have found you...truly you grace my days."

and I too, am grateful to have found you.. you inspire me and your words lift me up - thankyou.. you too, grace my days ~ bless always, Robyn xo


Your words and all images of artworks shared above bring joy to the spirit! Thank you Rebecca!

Today and yesterday my stumble is being surrounded by the silence and magical beauty of snow~

Hugs and love,

Molokai Girl

A wee bit late...Hawaiian time, I guess.
Better late than never, huh?
It's been crazy here.
Scrumptious collection of images, for sure!

Fran aka Redondowriter

What a beautiful set of images, Rebecca. I have been overwhelmed at work but hopefully will have a little more time now. Hope you are well.

deb @ talk at the table

you are simply a wonder.

that gorgeous statue sits on a "mountain" top in Montreal near the University where my daughter is attending her first year. I had forgotten about it , seeing it many times in my early early years , born near there, living until about age 6, many visits and then not much until just this summer. It struck me as that too... the stumbling towards that we can't often see or know.... but to have the trust and faith I now know is so important.


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