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January 19, 2011


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Eryl Shields

These rugs are gorgeous, totally, and the story is more than inspiring. Is it possible to join in from Europe (Scotland to be precise), I'd love to contribute to the project?

Miss Robyn

can I join in? all the way from Australia... and if I won, I would even pay the postage!! xo
YOU are an Angel... did you know?

Ms. Moon

I hope, I hope, I hope...


Beautiful creations.....

deb taylor

thanks for this reminder....I am mailing today. YOU are the definition of JOY....

Brit Gal Sarah

Wow these are beautiful!

Kim Mailhot

Gorgeous everyday joys here, Rebecca ! Love it. Off to take my chance...

Cinda Rae Oliverio

My eyes LOVE these JOYOUS creations!!!Like Ms Moon, I HOPE!!! hehe


Love the chickens....will email you for address.


wild bright and unbridled! joy


Karen Gerstenberger

Oh, how beautiful. I'd love to see an entire show of those rugs, all for sale!

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