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January 16, 2011


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Good Morning Rebecca,
I hope that our posts offer you some shelter and some solace in this very difficult time. I believe that we create our world each and every day. You have a large part in that co-creation my friend. Don't let the darkness of the world overshadow your incredible and shining light.

Magical Mystical Teacher

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." (John 1:5)

deb taylor

Rebecca, come hold my hand. And I will hold you inside of me forever.

Miss Robyn

come take a wander through my garden ~ it will bring you solace xo

I am holding you within my heart space xoxo

Sue fox

Let each post be a sheltered port for your soul, where you can harbour for awhile my friend, until you find your way to words.

Love to you always and forever,

Sue x

Laurie Zuckerman

Whatever is happening to you, I hope that you will weather it in the mighty way you always have. I send you comfort and support from Colorado. I also hope to do a new shrine for the Oaxaca auction. Love, laurie


i'm least for now. i miss you. i miss me.

here's to stumbling back into the ecstasy of ourselves.


Molokai Girl

So much love. So much kindness. So many healing thoughts here for you. Let it embrace you and bring you back to the light.


Sending you warm thoughts and love. May these arrivals and departures be gentle dear Rebecca.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, I hope there is more ecstasy and less pain this week, Rebecca. Lovely entry, as always.


smoothing sand
smoothing out the rough places

is what i send your way
to diminish


i am off for dental surgery
i will think
on smoothing sand

Ms. Moon

Ah, my rebecca love.
Today I am merely stumbling and everything my fingers touch seems to fall and hit the floor but some days are like that and I need to be reminded that ecstasy exists and so, thank-you.


thinking of you and your beautiful, tender soul.


Whatever your cares, your friends and God are there to carry you when you need it.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Here I am SWEETNESS of LIFE!! Finally, our phone is working and our internet for a while I HOPE!! I am praying for YOU dear lady of our hearts!!!GOD BLESS YOU and YOURS! ((((((Rebecca))))We must march on to our best ability, foot soldiers of the LORD!Sometimes there is more thorns than Rose!LOVE and Prayers are being sent your way and a sweet candle flickers with HOPE for all of us!


shadow and light
dance together
as always,
I am sending you my love
BE well dear friend

my Luna has surgery tomorrow
she too will BE well...

xox - eb.

Ramesh Sood

Being in nature, observing miracles.. agony disappears..its all ecstasy Rebecca.. I share here my first Haiku.. that brought ecstatic feeling for me.. for it was imagination that conquered.. to give me happiness.. God bless!



immense inspiration

is ecstasy


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