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January 23, 2011


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thank you for this.


Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, dear! That "encore" stuff was left over from yesterday. Oh, well!

Flying into the heart of the that a form of stumbling towards ecstasy?


One of my favorite David Whyte poems and your soft and gentle images have graced it with such a unique, ethereal and significantly feminine tone. Much of the time when this poem is shown, it is pictured with the wing of a jet. The supportive hand held beneath the place where life might be forming is a beautiful metaphor for his verse. In fact each image includes a hand shaping to fit--so that a bird may perch, blessing in the sign of the cross, or gathering so that flowers may be held or a brow caressed. Are these all not the great intangibles about us. Beautiful...

Fran aka Redondowriter

David Whyte's exquisite poem and your photos send me off to church with peace in my heart. I'll be back to post something later today.


fly high into your day!


Miss Robyn

what beautiful words.. how do you always know just what words will help me each day?
these I am going to copy into my journal.. they have helped my inner little girl who struggles so..

my post is about a little red dress xo

deb @ talk at the table

love david whyte,
and how you combined his words with these images says much about you .
thank you ,
again and again.

Ms. Moon

Those pictures are mind-calming, they are heart-stopping, they are joy.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

BEAUTY resides here for sure!! Wish I could put on that beautiful dress and that tiny flower in my hair!!!HOPE YOU had a SWEET Sunday sweet woman!


Trusting in that invisible love and comforted by these words. Reading them shapes a better me.Thank you!

deb taylor

flying and dancing here with you

ms pie

so happy to have bumped into another prompt of yours rebecca... found it by way of MMT thru another prompt one single impression... and thank you to the introduction of david whyte... i don't recall having heard him before..

Karen Gerstenberger

Such gorgeous scultpures - thank you for bringing this beauty to our eyes.

Kim Mailhot

Makes me long for long hair...again... I think I may need to get myself a nice long haired wig for days like this...

Happy Happy Friday, Magnificent one ! Have fun in the studio !

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