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January 06, 2011


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Miss Robyn

ahh a wise woman.. the Patron Saint of many of us today..


I've never met a saint - plenty of sinners, but no saints. I like this post. Thanks for sharing.

All the best, Boonie


Ah yes, Joan of Arc. I think of all the creative people I have met here and might consider you Joan of ART!
Wow, 499 years. Has it been that long? Time sure does fly.


julie haymaker Thompson

So many famous men are moralized yet so few women .Thanks for sharing and reminding us of our female strength


Just think. . . while she was getting messages from God and going out to slay the Duke/King's enemies, she had time to color her hair. They must have had L'Oréal in France. . . because sometimes she's a brunette, sometimes a redhead. (I like her as a redhead better, but I suspect the brunette Jeanne is more likely).

Jenny F

So strong and beautiful.
@Meri, hair can look brunette and then look red in bright light, right?


I remembered today that it was Epiphany. It is such a special day really meaning "manifestation, revelation or striking appearance". I always thought that it was such a beautiful story that three kings came from far lands to find a child in a stable-the manifestation or revelation of their God as a human being--and T.S. Eliot remarked in his poem, The Journey of the Magi, that it was a kind of death for them because with this revelation, their former faith changed also. For Saint Joan, the admission she made that she heard saintly voices of instruction and spokem with God got her into great trouble. She had great courage and led an army into battle, something a woman had never done before. I think she, like the Magi, knew what it was to travel a great distance, risk everything you had and to suffer great loss for the sake of a great love. For that we should honor her. Thank you for posting this, Rebecca.

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