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January 20, 2011


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abi Monroe

Oh my gosh - is it really Fridy already?! where has the week gone rebecca?!!
Beautiful image, as are the words.

How are the Auction preparations going?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend X

Miss Robyn

I did mine early this morning..but not even sure if I suceeded in Haiku.. but it is from my heart :)

sending some Australian sunshine til your spring time comes xo


Visual thoughts, I like that.
Oh dear, got so immersed in my own visual thoughts:
Just realized I totally forgot the haiku.
Back to the thinking board now:-)


I have been so sick this week- but managed to get to my computer to be part of the Haiku fun.
Your image is so beautiful- and I love the haiku as always. Have a beautiful weekend.


Can see the changes in weather and we are done with the 'start of spring season' festival here.
Though quite cold as yet.

Beautiful picture of a life resurrected, which was well preserved all through the winter months!! Loved the words in the Haiku.


Just a beautiful picture. I too hope for spring...especially after shoveling snow again yesterday! Wishing you well! Cathy


I love the haiku and the photo. I await Spriung,m but I also await Summer, and Autumn and yes, Winter. I anticipate the changing seasons and love to experience one season in another. Out of place perhaps, but interesting.

See you soon.


Magical Mystical Teacher

Holy fire indeed! Bring on that sacred torch of spring!


This is very dramatic. Thanks.

Have a good weekend, Boonie

deb taylor

oh the urgency to rush Spring, to melt our winter hearts....I am right with ya!

Ms. Moon

I am so glad you are my friend.


There. Did it. A bit of winter brightness here too.

I love your photo, it's breathtaking.

Kim Mailhot

Me too, waiting....
But the present is all white.
Except where I choose to splash color !
Happy Friday, Talented One.


Unfortunately it's felt all too much like spring all winter here...

my haiku will have poor Friko in a tizzy:)


deb @ talk at the table

the photo and poem are perfect for today
for me

hope you are well .

love you love you

noelle clearwater

I left a comment but it didn't post. i am trying again. Beautiful photo and haiku. Striking verse. I hope you are being good to yourself and breathing deep working girl. I didn't leave a haiku. I will tonight. Mine is just something beautiful to share.


dental drugs working
Lortabs spin fuzzy my head
words swim in my mouth

Sue fox

Beauty encapsulated in ice fingers and haiku harmony, thank you,

Love Sue x

ms pie

the brightness of color overwhelms this cold, cloudy rainy day that exists outside the window today.... i cannot wait till spring!!!... love the four seasons and especially the winter... but this gray today is like a mourning curtain... thank you for a beautiful post and pix.. and the photo link thanks for that, went for a visit and indeed an excellent photographer...


You always have the most concise and excellent haiku to share, Rebecca! I just spelled haiku without making a mistake, for the first time! Pretty good uh?

Happy weekend to you and yours ~
Keep your soulful heart burning!
It's the fire that brings out your gorgeous words!





Lighting the path to warmth.

And thanks for letting me play the home version of Haiku My Heart.


I have finally added a haiku. I would not think of joining our tribe without participating properly. I hope you are doing well my dear and that your day was not too hectic.


indulging in white
oh to listen patiently
all seasons are gifts...

xox - eb.

Gloria Y

Beautiful site

As we move toward spring
Frozen ground begins to thaw
Verdant with new growth

Magical Mystical Teacher

As you can see, I couldn't resist visiting again! This is my favorite place to come each week. I wish we could haiku our hearts every single day!

Karen Gerstenberger


Grammy E

Hi Rebeka, thanks for the welcome. As you can tell this was my first Haiku. Will take me some more research and time. But this was much fun. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week.


Seems we're waiting on the same friend. :)

Beautiful photo. Urgent desire, yes...


What a miraculous photo, Rebecca!

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