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January 13, 2011


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I love this project. My heart is with you my friend. I feel the need to connect, to shelter and protect, to reach out to eveyone I meet and let them know that we can survive this calamity that has happened. I love what you have chosen here--this fragile tree with its roots exposed and a sort of medieval looking artistic rendering of earth and the heavens. It is all very lovely. I did not get a chance to look at the link last night but I will. Dear friend take heart. I stand amazed when I speak to people and they are not connected to what has happened. President Obama's speech was such a comfort.
Blessings and Light xoxoxo,

Miss Robyn

the tree is beautiful. reminds me of the tree in Avatar.
with what has happened here in Australia with the devestation from floods and fires - our news has not really had alot of what happened in Arizona.

but I can understand the heartache that your country feels for fellow citizens in their trauma.. we grieve for ours xoxo
we are linked in our grief

Someone Is Special

Lovely rebecca..

Someone is Special

Miss Robyn

thankyou dear Rebecca, for keeping the world and Her peoples cocooned in love. bless xo

Karen Gerstenberger

Goodness, this photo ties in perfectly with my friend Mary's posting of a poem today.


This is a beautiful image- and a beautiful sentiment. One thing that I have found to be such a blessing- is that often when there is tragedy, we are reminded of our capacity to hold empathy as a community. So powerful. Thank you for the images and your words.


That is perfect, Rebecca.


I am touched by all the words that tell of the tragedy this last week. Prayers somehow do not seem enough but I know and trust that they are. God is loving and just and he is still Almighty! Thank you! Cathy


My hope is slowly turning into fear.

My faith as strong as ever.
Daily I grieve for the world.
Daily I share the sorrow that abounds.
Daily I wish I dare hope again.

What have we done.
What have those suffering this moment done to deserve their fate?
Where can we look and find hope again?


Rebecca, we are on the same wavelength today!!! Beautiful words reaching out to all creation!


You know I have a great reverence for trees. (and for you dear Rebecca). They are the spirits of our ancestors. They grow from the Sacred Earth Mother, the soil and rock from the bones, blood, hair and skin of those that walked, crawled, swam and flew before us. I love the photo. I would worship at such a place. The wood heats the rocks that heal and purify. It's all good.



I love the photo.
Please feel free to protect me anytime. I’ll try to be here for you.

Have a great weekend, Boonie


i am over here
dreaming, dreaming of High Hopes
which are sure to come



Rebecca... so glad Karen sent you my way, so intrigued by your space here, so comforted in the knowledge we are all connected across miles as we face fears and support one another with love and compassion


Hi Rebecca,

I'm still only playing.
Apart from you and Marilyn nobody returned my visits, hence the tetchy tone.


i share your want to take in and shelter...but i can not help but notice how double strong the roots of that tree perhaps our tears and kind thoughts will nourish that which is the touch my heart today, miss rebecca...i hope healing is on it's way soon, until then, just know we are all thinking...


we are all in such need of healing,
What an incredible piece in an amazing space. I just briefly went to the site...

ALL the projects look incredible

need to spend more time there



so beautiful as always..

xox - eb.

Ms. Moon

I think that B. Dylan would certainly love that haiku. As do I.
Good morning and love rebecca. I hope the light shining there is as bright as the light shining here today.


oh Rebecca - what a beautiful image and the thought behind your post. We must nurture each other and BE with spirit.

Thank you for this lovely space.


"Turbulent world" and "shelter" are together in the Haiku and creating havoc with my emotions Rebecca!! Such a beautiful combination and brings tears to my eyes.
Lovely words!!

ms pie

it is a wonderful nurturing spiritual prayer filled with the healing light of hope... the tree, the tree... so strong yet fragile... thank you rebecca....

Sue fox

You touch me with the comfort of your words,
I go off and reach out to another, I connect with these healing messages they transcend human barriers, the seeds of love take root!

Thank you,
love to you Rebecca,
Sue x


Seems to me the best of haiku all has to do about comfort from storms and Winter.

And yours is tops. :)


Molokai Girl

Mother Nature has been relentless-particularly 'down under'. Such heartfelt and important words that needed to be said!

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