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January 27, 2011


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Tangled, combed, disheveled, wind blown, whatever. The palace it covers is making wonderful memories if you let it. So wonderful a thought, to have the soul keep time with the heartbeat. See you soon enough for sure.



Wonderful Haiku! This brings back memory's Of my oldest daughter with a head full of curls. It was ouch ouch stop that hurts. Till we found a detangler that worked. Have a wonderful week. : )


I am tangled up in thoughts after writing my haiku. I wrote it not really thinking too much, and realized that it had all of this personal meaning that I hadn't considered. Kind of a weird experience - but so important for me. Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to have a profound little moment.


So nice that you’ve worked your own logo into today’s haiku. Very creative.

Best wishes and pinkerlicious perspications from
Boonie and Mrs S


What hair??
It falls out by the handful.
Pergatorial punishment is obscuring my optimism at the minute. Gloom and envy vie for mind-space.


So sorry dear Rebecca: in addition to spreading my gloom, I also put in a second link, which was the one from last week. I am in a pickle this morning. Please forgive my clumsiness and remove the second link.

Miss Robyn

if I tried to write another Haiku, then my mind would be tangled like a mixed up jigsaw.. so I will leave it to the experts.. xo :)

Magical Mystical Teacher

I know exactly what Joco means by hair falling out by the handful! Nevertheless, your tangled strands are lovely!


Good Morning, Rebecca! I love your word play today. Lovely, profound haiku!

deb taylor

~tangled up in you
swimming in your reckless hair
a pleasure palace~

deb @ talk at the table

my hair is in a pony tail , because, must, go for a jog.
(instead of course, I'm here:) )

sending Friday and weekend and everyday love .


tangled thoughts and hair . . . seems to be the thought of the day. Lovely!

Sue fox

Thank you Rebecca for this haiku and peaceful image, it resonates!

Love Sue x


tangled up in you...yes, so perfect



Tugging a comb through the long tresses smooths out all the difficulties, problems and irregularities that may exist, to make it silken soft and lustrous. Only when these obstacles are removed can we entwine the long hair into beautiful braids to add to the beauty.


Very pretty haiku to go with a delightful image.

Mine is, sadly, a tale of woe. Perhaps one day I too will be able to wax lyrical.
Thank you for the opportunity.


Tangled up in blue...

Sweet sentiments today, amid the tangled tresses.


Ms. Moon

My haiku muse has left the building. For now. I know where she is, though- at your place.
Kisses, dear one.


Lots to think about in this haiku Rebecca thank you! x


wanting to express
with vocabulary words
my intelligence...

Maybe next time LOL


I remember years ago (58 to be exact), my hair tangled badly. It was long, thick and wavey. Cream rinses were not on the scene yet. At the age of five, my mother cut it all off. My father just about had a heart attack. But I didn't cry anymore as the hairwashing process sure got a lot easier.

Gloria Y

A thousand 'thank you's for the kind introduction, warm welcomes and visits from you who also travel the haiku road. Apologies for lots of clumsiness while I figure out all the bloggy, twittery acrobatics. Yikes!

tangles liberate
deliberate wilderness
so much to explore

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