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January 06, 2011


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Miss Robyn

I am in total awe of anyone who joins in.. for the life of me, I cannot do this. I sit and try but empty of any poetry at all..

yours is Divine.


Oh, Rebecca. Your is just so very beautiful and sad.


Oh, and this image is too overwhelming for words really. It is called "Ecstasy" but you have given it a different mood altogether. She looks beset by these creatures round her and casting her eyes downward in some sort of despair. A tail is what she holds indeed, and I am certain that there is a pun intended there. This is a lovely piece--even the sadness of it is so deeply and profoundly beautiful. Being lost is often when the deepest work of the soul takes place.


On days that you are physically or spiritually destroyed, you are left clutching the last straw with deathly silence...a chillingly eerie truth.

Very powerful Haiku!!


Beautiful haiku and beautiful image. So nice to get to be a part of this wonderful Haiku community again:-) I often have an issue with silence - I think it is what I feel when I am lost in overwhelm.

Sue fox

Sometimes silence is the hardest to accept, we look for words of comfort. Then sitting with the silence we are forced search deeper!

This Haiku is so poignant, a sad story from an on-line friend had me lost for words, I'm thinking upon my Haiku, I'm hoping the right words will surface!

Much love and comfort I'm sending to you Rebecca, you convey a world of meaning in so few words.

Sue x


White-lipped and tight-lipped?
I don't believe you :-)


Powerful haiku -- it speaks to me of pain, physical pain.


Rebecca, you have given me much to think about with your beautiful image and words! A great start to Friday!


Rebecca, my first Mr. Linky (#12 on the list) linked to a previous week's haiku. My second post (listed as #13) is the correct one. Sorry, I don't know why blogger is not behaving!


Thoroughly enjoyed your haiku and picture, although I'm a little confused by the latter, but working on it.
I like the guidelines you've published too. very helpful.

Happy New Year,
All the best


The silence is deafening. The word itself, silent, has so much meaning for me, and, it seems, for you.
I lived up in the far Northern reaches of Minnesota. You are familiar with the area as I know you go there in Summer. I lived onn the border with Canada. There were no streetights and no neighbors. It was truly silent, and my thoughts spoke to me constantly back in those days. I never got a moment of peace. This is what I remembered and felt from your Haiku.
Beautiful photo of this statue.



Your post moved me to tears. Haven't we all had those days? 'the tail of silence', powerful.

Kim Mailhot

Lost but still holding on...

Beautiful, Rebecca, truly.


sometimes I feel I have to scream into that silence...



thank you...i love it here

Someone Is Special

too good.. Awesome..

Someone is Special

ms pie

gotta admit at first i was taken aback by photo and ku, but then pausing, yes... this place.. holding the tail of silence.. we all know.. i think that is why i gasp...

Magical Mystical Teacher

The tale of silence—
do you have the stamina
to write every verse?


Yes, sometimes we shake our heads and just remain silent.


Hi Rebecca,

I love commenting at blog with a haiku when the spirit moves me. Thank you for yours at mine today.


Uma Gowrishankar

This is so beautiful Rebecca.


Hi, Everybody.

I'm new here and just popped in by accident. I was visiting Marilyn's blog and saw her haiku, got curious and thought, 'why not'.

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