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January 17, 2011


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Cinda Rae Oliverio

GLAD to see YOU right side UP!!! LOVE the paintings!!!The candle will be flickering tomorrow too, it's almost tomorrow, it's 11:33 right now! Sending prayers and sweet thoughts your way!

Miss Robyn

I hope tomorrow is a lovely, long straight path.. with magickal suprises along the way.. no twists or turns.. just a meandering path xoxo


hoping last night's rest brings renewal for today...


BEauty on white

on brown

on whatever you choose


Ms. Moon

Now I understand that black raven's sharp beak. Beautiful. Even if...

deb taylor

oh my God are flying....keep going...paint paint paint...this is BEAUTIFUL


rebecca...I love what you've done with the white paper and think I understand the sideways thing.
much love


Wonderful, Rebecca! Oh how I want you to illustrate a book! And what is the meaning behind the bird and the woman? Do you know the meaning behind this dream?


Love the dance between the woman and the bird. White paper? Evolution.


Good Lord, it feels as if we're watching the literal birth of an artist. I mean, I knew you were an artist, but this is amazing and so, so beautiful.

Nabeel's Cosmos

hmm interesting. In your painting, is that a crow or some other bird? the reason I ask is I recently read an article, which discussed how intelligent and unique crows are. They are among a very few birds that can identify and recognize human faces


I love this Rebecca! Where are they going?
It is good to wake up with art in your heart and thoughts! x

Magical Mystical Teacher

I wake up knowing
not where or when the raven
will sing in my heart.

Jenny F

Love the sheer dress or is it a nightie. Very modern full frontal.

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