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December 21, 2010


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lyle baxter

a lovely collection of christmas memories! thank you. enjoy your family and friends.


This is most tenderly magical. What a miracle the key allowed itself to be found, to augment a little boy's faith. Love to you, my dear friend, and give Billy Bad-Ass a kiss from me in appreciation of his mischief-making. He's a good man for a great woman.

Sue fox

I was thinking of you this morning as yet more snow descended upon this little cottage!

I thought how your words were like a warm winter blanket, wrapped around my heart, feeling so comforted.

As ever your gift of words makes my day beautiful thank you,

Sue x


Thank you for this blessing, as your story truly is a blessing to us all. Memories are special no matter whatbthe occasion, but to sigh that magical sigh of peace from Christmas past is the best. I too wrote a memory and posted today. Yes, another ploy to get you to go to my place as I have a story to tell and I want to tell it to you, like wew're sitting, having tea, and friends are together, talking, remembering and visiting during this peacful time, this cosmic time the day after the Solstice, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse gave us the Universe to watch and feel.
Thank you for the wonderful story of a little episode of your life.



I LOVED the story about Adrian and his treasure box filled with Christmas tree branches. Such a wonderful memory...


I know that scent of pine that lingers. Ponderosa Pine perhaps? Prescott was our home for a number of years. So nice to meet you.
Now I send you and yours seasons greetings and blessings from the nearby Arizona desert.
A similar picture of me,my son,and a snowman is in his scrapbook.


oh my dear,
this is the most touching walk down that most ephemeral memory lane. Those sweet moments that come to you on the scent of pine.


is this beautiful snow in your world?


Rebecca, that was truly beautiful. I could smell the scent when you opened the box. It's amazing how scent just takes us back to times gone by. It's times like this that I want to open a box where I have my son's cologne, drawings, and personal items that have given me special memories.I won't though, not right now. I know the feeling that you are describing. God Bless you and yours and may you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Beautiful post and it will stay with me all day long.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I was photographing all my Christmas memorabilia this morning, melting into memories, and then I read your blog. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen written about Christmas. The accompanying photos are exquisite, too. Have a beautiful Christmas.


This is magical! I actually got chills when you said you found the key to the treasure box. St. Anthony must have been helping you : )
Have a wonderful Christams!

Inger-Marie Sæverud

What a lovely post and beautiful photos!
Have a wonderful Christmas :-)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Christmas memory:
lost key found, lost scent revived,
lost childhood restored.

Ms. Moon

What a beautiful wish. What a beautiful memory.

abi Monroe

Dear Rebecca.
My Christmas wish is to be able to write so magically as you do.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year, my very special friend.


Your pictures and words are so soothing they give me peace at a time when our country is in such a mess. I look at our generation as the people who found peace love and enlightenment. Where did we take the wrong turn? Hopefully blog like this one will regain our sanity back. Remember our past add look and see if we can love each other again. Have a heart for all people even a kidney. God bless you Rebecca and family. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Maija Lepore

And you dear REbecca....


oh rebecca, this is so so beautiful. i love it all. love your writing, your beautiful, tender heart, your memories, you searching for that key and the branches, wow!
gosh this moved me so much.
thank you.
love love love you.

abi Monroe

Everyone loves you, and I know why :O)

ps. there is plenty of fabric, but glue and pins aren't going to work on a human dress... if you 'get' what I mean!!!

Karen Gerstenberger

Thank you for this beautiful story of wonder and love. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Good morning, Rebecca. Lyrical. Pure music. And it's not just a memory. It's any on-going story filled with love with many more chapters to come. Merry Christmas, Annie

deb taylor

this story of HUGE little memories is so lovely, I can smell the scent of pine, hear those little Adrian footsteps and old couples singing karaoke carols. I am lifted with JOY when I come here to read you. You amaze me, my sweet friend. Come visit my JOY in a golden field of rust, denim and a little bit of lust


Dearest Rebecca,
I feel that I have been with you in this journey of Christmas memory. It is a deeply sacred journey, filled with memories of a child's faith in the arrival of a good and benevolent being and his trust in the presence of a key that unlocked the redolent secrets of his precious soul. Your description of the frail voices of the elderly people reminds me of the story of a child's christmas in Wales and the frail thin lonely voice that is heard singing a Christmas Carol behind the door as the children run from a house where no one visits out of fear of reprisal. Christmas is a time of transformation and forgiveness. A time of hope and renewal. I pray that for all of us and our world. Thank you for the beauty and Joy you offer us now and always. Merry Christmas.

deb @ talk at the table

there really aren't words sometimes.

I can't begin to thank you for shining your sacred light on me, Rebecca. I am forever changed and forever grateful..

Be embraced in love and health and peace this holiday season.


I so love this story and know exactly how Adrian feels. Each tree is like an old friend, so difficult to say goodbye. How sweet to save a small memento of each throughout the years - a prayer for what was and a blessing for what will yet be. Treasures of the soul, saved by a tender heart.


Molokai Girl

Always bringing tears to my eyes and taking my breath away. What an incredible story-now, THAT is the treasure!

(heart) Paula

Judy A Goddard

This is exquisite! And soft and quiet and moving.

Thank you.


What a joy to see and read you again!
The most beautiful post I've read all year...or ever.
Here's to the New Year XoX


I missed this post, somehow, but am crying over it now. It's so beautiful, Rebecca -- your son, what you did for your son, all of it.

Thank you --

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