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December 18, 2010


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Cinda Rae Oliverio

SWEET!!! See YOU all tomorrow!!! ((((Rebecca))))

Molokai Girl

How do you write like that. I know I can't, but your writing does throw the doors wide open to my soul.

Virgin Sundays-I will do my best to keep up!


I love the idea. And I think that opening it up so that it includes everyone, not just those who are familiar with The Madonna, is a wonderful idea. There are so many sacred images and so many traditions. I am all for inclusivity. I think that is what you are getting at by "throwing the doors wide open." I love that about you. I am trying to write, not being as successful as hoped, but I can throw in now and again certainly. Thank you for your lovely words today. Your Sacred heart image here is glorious.

Ms. Moon

This is what I try to do every day. Every day. Stumble TOWARDS ecstasy and if I only make it to okay, that is fine too.
You help, rebecca. You do.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I've already sent you an e-mail, but I'll go public here with my unqualified support for your idea of stumbling toward ecstasy. I'm one of the world's great stumblers--so count me in!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I'm in, Rebecca. I made such an incredibly imperfect art journal page today and it was hard to just let it go and let it be what it was. Thanks for reminding me about imperfection.

See you tomorrow and I hope you are feeling better and better.

Miss Robyn

I am in.. [have been away, so I only got to share on Virgin.. but I have many more and many lovely tales of Mother Mary.. and life and glad that I stumbled here. i feel blessed xo]

is there a badge that we can link to for this?


Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! I am looking for a Sunday Madonna right now.


What a very creative post! - no less than we've come to expect from you. But where was the pink?

Have a wonderful day my friend, Boonie


I'm all for stumbling towards ecstasy!

A beautiful looks so soft and silky! Wonderful words as always too!


Great idea to honour the virgin, especially at this special time of the birth of Christ. Your words and photo are beautiful! Merry Christmas!


Always stumbling, now toward the light...with a llittle help from friends like you.


Miss Becky

Hi there, I'm traveling through on a Shadow Shot Sunday tour. I love your shadow photo - for me it symbolizes peace and devotion. beautiful soft light. I thought I had already left a comment - don't know what happened to it. "Stumbling towards ecstasy" speaks to me, it's very beautiful.

Sue fox

Ooh, I'm so happy the little orange icon is making an appearance again, life is less with out her.

I'm over the moon and in ecstasy thinking about the rendezvous.

loving you,

Sue x

Laura Hegfield

such beautiful words and imagery...oneness of heart.

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