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December 19, 2010


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I am here, Rebecca with my humble offering, and your divine fingers on the keyboard can give it the spark it needs just as your image depicts here. I love the analogy, drink deeply from small cups. I am sure that it is from something I have read or you have written but it reminds me of Thich Nat Hanh and Amy Uyematsu's poem about him drinking Tea. I will post it next time.


I do believe I'm joining in, Rebecca! Thank you, as always, for the community.

Molokai Girl

Wow...your writing is beyond words that I can find to convey as to how I respond to them. Poetry and prayer, affirmation and confirmation. It is an invitation to dance the dance of life.


Rebecca - thank you so much for continuing this journey with Mary. Sunday, as we visit her son in His home, we will also be embracing His Mother.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

My dictionary also said a poetic or mystic trance! for ecstasy! YOU are the poet my darling and I thank YOU for leading the way, I LOVE coming to your Blog,it's like coming home! I almost want to call YOU "Mama" Now,that is MYSTICAL!!! hehe


Opening my eyes to the WONDER!


deb @ talk at the table

Rebecca ~ how wonderful is this?

You are part of my world , my soul. How wonderful is that?

love to you


Thank you for the lovely opportunity to deeply share my peace with you.


I've featured this wedding before, but it seemed like a good subject for today.


is it possible?
I drew the wheel of fortune
twelve women dancing

xox - eb.

Ms. Moon

Dearheart- I am so bad at being a part of something. But as I wrote you last night, I think that every day I am stumbling towards ecstasy. You are always a part of that. The ecstatic. Your words, your images, the soul that flies across the world and fills my heart.

We need to see as well as look, and we need to be taught this over and over, or at least reminded.
Thanks for reminding us.


stumbled here from deb's place, and oh my. the house of belonging. i have been searching for a name for my new dollhouse project, and i won't steal your words, but it is perfect. it is what i search for.

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