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December 20, 2010


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Magical Mystical Teacher

"Postcards from Paradise" has a nice ring to it. Maybe you should consider starting yet another meme and see what sort of contributions appear. We might all be surprise--and delighted!

Speaking of delight...this is a wondrous series of photos, depicting the candle-making process. Thank you.


I can SMELL this...
the slow turning, the adding of grow

such a perfect metaphor


Fran aka Redondowriter

Thanks for your images and words. At first I thought I was seeing a new prayer wheel unlike any I had seen and then I think I saw the method the craftsmen use to make the candles--and you saw them as prayer wheels. Please clarify.

Sue fox

As day is drawing to a close I find
words to linger on in the candle light, bathing my senses with an ambient glow.

I'm waiting, growing and receiving everyday,
thank you,
Sue x


I love the idea of watching these wheels or operating them, patiently dipping into the vat of wax and slowly building up the layers. Beautiful!

Ms. Moon

I have never thought of candle making as a prayer wheel but how perfect! Thank-you, rebecca, for your heart-eyes which see such things and let us see them too.


How fantastic. I can smell this, too. I love natural beeswax candles -- is there a place to buy them online?


What a lovely post. These photos of this process are so satisfyingly simple and beautiful. The rich red of the wheels, the warm, honey-colored candles. And they are so smooth when finished! The craftsmanship is so amazing.

How are you feeling, Rebecca?

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