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December 30, 2010


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incredible radiant joy!!!



I'm positively swooning over the winged heart wired with JOY. We're beings of light, if only we'd let ourselves shine.

Kim Mailhot

what a magnificently joyfilled piece of stained glass !!! Love love love it ! Want want want it ! ;)
Happy happy joy joy to you, beautiful One !


Glad you joy-ned in with this joyous post.

Happy New Year to you from Boonie


That winged heart of JOY is fantastic! Just wow --

Sue fox

Multi-faceted jewel that you are, thank you.
Sue x


Really beautiful!!! Happy New Year!!!!!


Joy indeed in the new year...

Ms. Moon

Everything is making me cry this morning. That brought more tears. So, so lovely.
Rebecca- you are a joyful wonder.

deb taylor

I love this JOYful winged heart....oh how I wanna make one...winged hearts are one of my favorite things!! I love your heart Rebecca


Now wouldn't that be fun! Happy -no-Joyful new year to you Rebecca! x

peggy gatto

Happy new year!


oh glorious LIGHT
dancing, dancing with such JOY
and we are the dance...

xox - eb.

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