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December 09, 2010


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cold day after school
Lady of Xocalatl
warm, sweet and spicy

xox - eb.

Fran aka Redondowriter

What an amazing virgin this is. I had never heard of or even seen a photo of this. Thanks for sharing.


I have entered a haiku. Have a good weekend.


I did it wrong again.
So sorry Rebecca, I'm in two lists now. I'll try and redress.


This is an amazing portrait. The eye of the artist must see somethingnin every woodenn egg that allows its placement. Just staggering to think about the patience and ability involved. Wonderful presentation. I'll go back and add Haiku to my post for Day 10.



Good Morning, Rebecca! I hope that I have posted for Haiku My Heart on the correct Mr. Linky. As always, your posts take my breath away! So much care and detail! Thanks for making Fridays so special! Peaceful tidings of joy!:)


h how lovely! I fear my haiku is perhaps to frivolous today for all that have entered here. This one of yours and all the others I have read are just exceptional! Thank you!

deb @ talk at the table



what an amazing portrait - lovely, lovely post!

deb taylor

this EGGsample of art is amazing! What a fun day to collide with Haikus and Virgins! I am loving this ride!


Amazing!! Astounding!!


Cinda Rae Oliverio

What a WONDER FULL gift to the world!! Oksana has more patience than me! Phew! and I LOVE your haiku, "Holy enters in!"Have a Blessed week-end my sweet friend! Holy has entered in each of us as we come here and visit the other participants, I feel almost like a diciple! Following the path of Mary, Jesus's mother, what better way to use our time?!!((((((Rebecca)))))

Sue fox

Fifteen thousand eggs
and seventeen syllables
both sum-up beauty!

I'm collecting hearts, yours is number one!

Sue x


I adore the egg-Mary. How appropriate since it is almost Christmas and she gave birth to Jesus. I love minimalism. It is altogether amazing and lovely! The tapestry is rich, beautiful and mysterious. I love the eyes. You were so right about the eyes!


15,000 hand-painted wooden eggs? Wow... it's beautiful and amazing. And you are lifting the veil of love again.

Thank you.


Brenda Seaholm-Wampler

Adoring your pictures. Bathing my soul in Mexico. Thank you.

Molokai Girl

No yolk-just eggcelence! : )
That is mind boggling hand painting all those eggs. A work of adoration and love.

Ms. Moon

Good Lord! I am mind-blown!

lyle baxter

rebecca please send me your correct email add so I can answer your demeng question. my computer wont accept any way I try to add. you! maddening .I want to explain the d.o.d. figures to you!

ms pie

incredible eggs.... dedicated artist... speechless...


This egg design is just incredible. I love it.


That egg Mary rivals very closely a Jesus made from toast that I saw on the telly recently, it was amazing and so is this!

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