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December 29, 2010


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If you are here, you know how much Allegra means to us all. If banding together will help, I'm in. I need my partner in political thought.


I am here, sending love and prayers.... Allegra truly is a special person.... she and Renee exemplfy all that is good, true and beautiful.

All our combined love and hope will help!


♥ Robin ♥


Anything that may help is good.
Sarah x


Thanks again for being the conduit of love to our darling Allegra and her loved she is in the actually is all around her! smooches

deb taylor

I have joined this circle of healing light

deb @ talk at the table

I will get something together as soon as I can get back on a computer.

What a wonderful idea...

a circle of healing light..



I have only known Allegra's presence through her comments on other's blogs... and I have sensed through them her love and compassion to those who are hurting. I am praying that this same love may return to her as she battles the enemy of serious illness. May she know peace, not fear, strength in her weakness, healing of her infirmities, and light in her darkness.


Allegra is a very special woman. She and Barry are very much in my prayers. xx Jos

Molokai Girl

From my heart....

Denise Emanuel Clemen

Sending love and healing light.

Miss Robyn

every thought is a prayer

Laurel Steven

Allegra is one of a kind. And Barry is a beautiful and scary-smart companion for her. I can't think of many words right now, my eyes are leaking.

Ms. Moon

My candle burns for Allegra as does my love. She probably has no idea how much she means to me.
And Barry, as well. Her true BLoved. I am wishing them peace and much light, now and forever.

Kim Mailhot

adding my heart-filled prayers to all of yours.


... in this circle of light... sending warmest, most caring thoughts to Barry and Allegra...



Karen Gerstenberger

Sending love and thankful thoughts as she is making a little progress. xoxo


May the one who is Compassion, Strength, Love and Light, be her comfort this day and always.


deb @ talk at the table

added to the circle tonight.

maggie may

I am thinking of Allegra with love and prayer.

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