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December 28, 2010


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I don't know Allegra, but I will pray, light a candle, send lots of love and hope for a miracle with you.

Karen Gerstenberger

Done! Thank you. xoxo

deb taylor

candle lit. prayer asked. heart open. compassion, health, healing, HOPE.


Oh, dear.


thanks for letting me know...I am right there with you...loving her, holding her in healing light, my heart to her heart...I would take it all from her if I could. What a shining soul she is, such spirit, such love, so encouraging...just giving back to her what she does for me. I do love her so. thanks for being the conduit to love for our dear one! smooches

thank you, rebecca. like you i am a faithful fortunate friend of allegra's also.


Miss Robyn

I don't know Allegra - but will light a candle at the feet of Mother Mary.. and hold her in my heart xoxo


oh no... I had no idea. Will light a candle and say TONS of prayers... be well dearest Allegra... with love and light


Rebecca thank you so much for letting me know about Allegra. I am praying and have been for some days now. I do believe in miracles. xx Jos


Thank you Rebecca. I didn't know. I am hoping for a miracle too. xx

deb @ talk at the table

oh, rebecca.

I am praying and holding onto hope and will light candles


just wish it wasn't so.

I wish there was something more we could do.

Ms. Moon

My candle is lit for her. She is in my heart.

abi Monroe

As with many others, Allegra is new to me, but, she is in my thoughts; I have much hope, and good wishes. XX

I hope you are well dear Rebecca, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to the New Year with you.


Rebecca, thank you so much for letting me know the latest regarding our wonderful Allegra. I knew from Monday's post she was not doing well....but didn't know this latest news..... my candle (my special Renee candle) is already lit and I am saying prayers.

Please don't lose hope - we must keep strong for her and for Barry.

Sending you, too, love and strength.


♥ Robin ♥


Thanks Rebecca for telling me this morning. I would have been so upset if I'd missed sending my love and prayers. Holding her all day, close.


may we spin a healing web across the globe with tendrils spreading throughout the universe.


Cinda Rae Oliverio

Lighting a candle and sending LOVE and PRAYERS! (((((Allegra))))


Rebecca. I too will light a candle for Allegra and say a prayer for her.

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