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December 09, 2010


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Yes, we are all singing together, and it is quite beautiful. I am having funny feelings about this entire exercise. Bringing back memories of my own and being sparked by recollections of others.
The painting here today is gorgeous! I'm loving thios.


deb taylor

yes,this is a joyful project of peace, celebration,art,color,reverence and just a bit of whimsy! This painting is stunning...I am so in love with the happy colors.


Beautiful Virgin of Guadalupe you share today! The power of Mary is one I embrace.
Love to you and Thank you for YOU ~

Molokai Girl

I echo and say "Amen" to the 3 comments left so far! Good morning! What a stunning image to wake up to! It is so full of joy and exuberance. And your words match it so befittingly.
I am so loving this journey that we are all taking together. What a celebration!


oh YES! Spadoman
we ARE singing together
each day a NEW verse...

xox - eb.


I am late in arriving but am happy to add my voice to this daily song.


Fran aka Redondowriter

Now there is a beautiful virgin. I agree with Molokai Girl that it is a stunning image to wake up to. And everything you write is pure poetry. On my way to work, but I'll catch up with everyone later today. Again, thanks, Rebecca, for hosting us.

lyle baxter

this one is especially appealing! thank you for sharing these lovely ladies with all of us lyle

Cinda Rae Oliverio

O! This is soOOOooO beauty full!!! I wasn't going to paint today but I was near tears just thinking about Mary today!!I've got to get busy cleaning today soOOo I will visit everyone's posts later,Bless their hearts! LOVE makes the world go round!! The little prayer in my advent book for today is"Jesus, I want to prepare for your coming this Christmas! Help me to recognize my thirst for YOU so I can drink deeply of your love."

Sue fox

Dearest Rebecca,

No Virgin from me today, but I'm still singing with you all in my heart.

Here's to weaving peace and compassion through our 'love tribe' and ever outwards!

Thank you,
and sweet dreams tonight,
Sue x


Evans' painting is outstanding. The colors of Our Lady, glorious, as is She.


Oooooh, that was a beautiful find!


I love the colours in this one Rebecca. Beautiful!

Ms. Moon

Life juice and mother's milk.
Oh, rebecca. The madonna muse is not speaking to me today. Perhaps tomorrow...
I love you.


Better late than never! I adore your Guadalupe today. She is colorful and luminous at once. She is warm and brown and lovely altogether. I didn't have time last night and ended up posting undercover at work today but hope you all like it.

Laurie Zuckerman

Do tell your friend, Lynne that her painting is excellent. I love her skeleton. Nice of her to let you show off her work!!

Magical Mystical Teacher


Lady, hear me as I pray,
Guard me in the pilgrim way;
Guide my hands and guide my feet;
Teach my lips to be discreet
So that as I speak I may
Render grace by all I say.
Help me, Lady, chaste and kind,
Bend my will to your fair mind.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher


I love the vivid colors of this painting and the calaca sitting at her feet!=)I'm sorry I haven't participated for the past couple of days.i've not been feeling well....but I could not miss another day!Thank you so much for this again Rebecca!

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