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December 08, 2010


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Good morning Rebecca. What a journey we are taking. I would like to find blogs devoted to nothing but images of Mary and writing. Your 12 day invitation to us has been such an inspiration. A looking I will go.


These images reign peace over the world. Today is the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. I just thought that I would mention that. I am sure that someone has it on their blog and has created a meme for it, but it is a special feast day in the Christmas Season certainly, and a beautiful day to be warmed by the compassionate fire of Mary's sacred heart.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Noelle, I had forgotten this was our Lady's Feast day. Thanks for the reminder.

Rebecca, she's beautiful and created in a box. Your creativity continues to amaze me. I love the colors and her look, too, is compassionate. Her sacred heart is filled with love.


oh how you have warmed
the seduction of gray here
my heart is aflame...

xox - eb.

deb taylor

I am pausing with peaceful intentions, creativity and warmth every day here with you. This Sacred Heart of Mary is so beautiful, just like you are Rebecca.


I am speechless, as I am overwhelmed with what is happening while participating in this exercise. Love the Sacred Heart. I need to dig up a piece of art someone gave me. Now I'll be busy all day. Glad i have nothing I'd rather be doing. This is great, every post, every word, here and at the others blogs.

Peace on Earth to All


Not only is this a meme devoted to iconic images of purity and devotion, it's a place where very talented photographers, writers, and artists have shared their gifts. Given a little piece of themselves. What a thing to celebrate!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

yES, it is a comfort to slow down and gaze at Mary, our dear mother! Yes, today is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception! Thank GOD this virgin, this beautiful virgin said "YES!"Luke 1:38 "Behold,I am the handmaid of the Lord!" We are celebrating every day!!!Here is a small prayer from my Special Advent Book, "Lord, thank YOU for your Blessed Mother! May I imitate her virtues and call upon her to help me walk with YOU!"

Molokai Girl

Rebecca, I can't thank you enough for hosting this meme. It has been such a wonderful journey and each day gets better! And the wonderful people I've 'met' from this venture is priceless.
This has truly been an incredible way to celebrate our BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary). What everyone has posted and what they have all written is heartwarming, moving, inspirational and humbling.

Sue fox

I have a warm glow in my heart with all of this Mary Love!

You Kindled the fire to sustain me on these very cold days!

Blessings to you dear Rebecca,

Love Sue x


Even though I didn't join, I am so enjoying these 12 days. She is beautiful and I agree with everyone, this room is filled with warmth. Thank you.

Kay Dennison

I think this is all soooooooo wonderful!!!!

Ms. Moon

I love this ones purple veil.
And her pierced, burning heart.

therese ercolani

How completely humbling. Thanks for the reminders.

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