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December 07, 2010


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I love her! I've seen the bottles used in art before. When I lived in Silver City, NM, there was a woman that used cement and bottles. Might this piece be hers? I wonder. It is very beautiful, and I noticed you used that site that makes the image sem like it's moving. Very cool! Can't wait to get back downSouth overbthis Winter and be amongst the colorful Guadalupe images available down there. Maybe it's the season, but things seem to be stark white around here. Oh, that'd be snow.
Lovely to be back and participating with this wonderful meme project.


Laurie Zuckerman

AWESOME!!!! Is this Madonna your creation, Rebecca?? This is the best bathtub shrine I have ever seen. Clever use of the bottle-tree overlap.

deb taylor

what a bright and sparkly way to start my day! LOVE IT!!



xox - eb.

Fran Meneley

Oh Rebecca! What a glorious Guadalupe! I love her! And how she shines at night. I would love to have her at my house...but she's clearly where she needs to be. So much love in her creation! Love, love, love! Fran

Ms. Moon

I want to recreate this in my backyard so badly that I can hardly stand it.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Wow and double wow. Long ago I had a friend with a virgin in a bathtub but nothing as spectacular as this. Is she in your yard? Where could we go to see it?

Also, yesterday you mentioned you had a day of infusion. Is this a medical procedure? Hope you are OK.


Good morning, Rebecca. Another day. Another Virgin. This has been so inspirational for me. Our Mother has been sending me all over the map. Today I landed in Poland. I will get to Our Lady of Guadalupe eventually.

A bathtub shrine? Where have I been. What a terrific idea. These colors are so vibrant, just like Holy Mother.

Molokai Girl

I absolutely LOVE this!!! I want something like this in MY backyard to gaze upon every day! And the glass bottles just put it over he top. And yet, with all those colors and glass, the Virgin still holds center stage.

Molokai Girl

I take that back. I want her in my FRONT yard for all the world to see!


Well this gives new meaning to the Wyf of Bath doesn't it? What an incredibly lovely piece. I love that such a humble dwelling can be transformed into something so completely heavenly and beatiful in the same way as the stable and the manger were on that one famous night. The colored bottles are unique and add a jeweled touch. In the south, they are used on trees to keep evil spirits away. I wonder if this is their function here. Her colors are vibrant and the gif you have created is glorious. It lights up the night with splendor.


Robyn [miss*R]

what a brilliant idea... I have put my first Virgin a day up.. but i am going away for a few days.. will join back in when I come home

Sue fox

I'm sure the Virgin would have approved of recycling the old bathtub in this way, perfect for framing such a royal occasion.

Thank you my sweet,

love Sue x

jenny f

Seeing a day and night shot is marvelous. Reminds me of graveyards in Mexico and Italy at night. So beautiful.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Phew! My daughter and I just got home, I started the painting before we left and just finished it! SNOW is everywhere here, Gina has had 2 days off from school!! LOVE this bathtub!!! LOVE MARY and YOU more!!!!

deb @ talk at the table

well, I'm happy this makes you happy :)

love love love to you, rebecca

abi Monroe

Wow - that is amazing!!! and in a bathtub at that! clever :O)


I remember this from the backyard at his home in San Miguel. I got back to the hotel dizzy and enchanted and swearing he held the secret to happiness through color.

I am not going to think about insurance companies and Arizona. Move to Portland, you have family here and I am not thinking just about B's brother. We are weird - you know "keep Portland weird"? - but we are compassionate and liberals. We would give John McPain a one way ticket to a far, far away place. Back to virgins, are we going to do the cigar boxes next year? I just got some great milagros I would like to use.

Love to you sweetpea, may Mother Mary take care of you always.


The Pink! The Blue! The Orange!

so beautiful --


oh how I love this one...and how she reminds me...of you



wow - that is so so amazing!!

Anado McLauchlin

Thanks for posting this...we repainted her just before her big day on December 12....sending love from Casa de Las Ranas!

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