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December 11, 2010


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I'm first again. Couldn't help myself. You expressed it in your beautiful poetic voice, that it is indeed extraordinary, a phenomenon maybe. I posted early. I was up at 4:30 AM. Some days I linger in bed, tossing around like a buffalo until my old bones can't take it any longer. I look outside and see what God has given us, then sit down and write. I have loved this past 11 days, and tomorrow, it will be twelve. Thank you dear friend.
The portrait is gorgeous. Is it stained glass? I can't really tell, but I like this image.

Peace to you and all you hold dear.


and so much more
I am eternally thankful,

xox - eb.

Molokai Girl

Yes, I had not imagined all the grace and beauty and deep sense of spirituality that came forth from these 12 days (with tomorrow being the last day). It is quite magical and miraculous.
It brings to mind a line from a Psalm (and I do not know which one it is):
"You are not alone, the journey makes us one."
This has been quite a solidifying journey and what makes it even more exceptional is the unconditional love amongst many who have never met.


Dear Rebecca,

I have so enjoyed these days with you and new found friends. I won't be straying far. I'm following you and many of them now and look forward to many more uplifting moments. Looking forward to tomorrow.


p.s. Beautiful Lady today. With her simplicity of lines, she is right out of a coloring book

Ms. Moon

rebecca- I can't believe you've allowed me to join in this love-fest with my irreverent take on Our Lady. But you have and I have enjoyed it so much.


Rebecca - once a week would be a great way to continue this admiration society. I say we go for it.


The grace, the beauty the divinity and the love that have surrounded these past eleven days came forth from the hearts of those who joined the deepest and most beautiful heart of all--yours my dear, yours. Thank you for offering us Mary and the opportunity to have a sort of "retreat" via the net. I believe that is what this turned out to be in a sense, and I think that many people came to feel more accepted and loved for their spirituality or perspective on the world than they might have previously. Certainly, many of us are more grateful for our place in the world as women (not withstanding the wonderful men who have joined in, honoring their mothers). Blessings to your brilliantly blue, beautiful lady this morning. She does look as if she were painted upon glass or part of a stained glass motif. She is simply divine. I love her and you.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I feel exactly like you do about this project. I thought it would be a simple post each day--not so hard for me--and a intentioned visit to each person's site who was participating. Instead I became immersed, reenergized, curious to find out more and more.

Since blue is my favorite color, this virgin knocks my socks off.


Dear Rebecca - so sorry for linking twice, but I accidentally linked yesterday's post here instead of on yesterday's Mr. Linky because I was late in posting the link. So yesterday's and today's virgins are both raising their hands and saying, "Here," when the roll call is taken.

This was a lovely idea. I had no idea so many newbies would join in..... thought it would be almost exclusively haiku-peeps. Nor did I know that people would play along during the whole event, each and every day finding a new image, a new thought. It's been marvelous. Thank you, my dear friend.

Laurie Zuckerman


Sue fox

Beautiful Blue Glazed Gaze,
Delving Deep into our Hearts,
Redeeming Pure Peace.

Much love to you Peaceful Pathfinder,

Sue x

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Without YOU my dear SWEET woman I'm soOOOOo GLAD to have in my life, we wouldn't have had such added beauty and grace in our lives these 11 days+tomorrow! What a true BLESSING we have all shared!It has been an emotional beautiful journey! one we will treasure forever like Mary pondered in her heart many things we will look back and ponder on this as a gift!Rebecca! Thank YOU!!and everyone, such strands of light!and LOVE!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

and your virgin for today conveys all the LIGHT and LOVE!!!

deb taylor

words seem hard to come by for me today...each and every comment above says what my heart is feeling. I go in peace.

Kay Dennison

She is magnificent!!!!!!!!


She is wondrous. Did you make this?

Fran aka Redondowriter

Rebecca, I would definitely participate if you extend this to either once a week or month.


I'm loving it -- and once again, the blue is astonishing.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Rebecca, Noelle's site won't let me leave comments the past two days so I hope she reads here. I couldn't leave a comment at Ramesh's site either. I have been leaving comments at Noelle's before so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I adore this Marianne Preindelsberger-Stokes painting--probably my favorite of everything I've seen. Now I want to find out more about her. The Bogureau is also exquisite, but he is a favorite painter. I have one of his prints in my bedroom.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I have been with you,
my child,from the beginning.
I am with you still.


For you...
I hope you are well.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

I too, HOPE YOU are well sweet woman! I went ahead and added my link, my son is coming over today to use the pc soOOOOo I wanted to go ahead and link while I had the chance! LOVING and Praying for YOU darling woman!!(((Rebecca)))


Dearest Rebecca,
May Our Lady's Love, Light and Blessings be with you on this Day. I hope that She give you Peace, that you are well and whatever struggles you may be facing will be given to her loving care. I posted this morning.
All my Love to you,

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