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December 05, 2010


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Wow! Lovely story Rebecca.


Dear Rebecca - she is truly the Mother for us all. Your dream experience tells us that most clearly. Your post is especially moving today. I was so absorbed by this story. I thought for a moment the girl had died but then I realized that she had been healed - in love. Annie

Kay Dennison

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is phenomenal!!!!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I'm off to church and then a class after church so I'll get back to read in depth and comment this afternoon.

Molokai Girl

I am so deeply moved on so many levels with this post. First off, the timing of it is much needed! I am in awe of the encounter-it is as though your life's mission was given to you in those moments. And, now that I know the origin of the blog's name, I am even more floored!
As I read this I was also trying to remember how it is that we came into each other's life. I believe it was via Leighanna Light who had forwarded me the call for shrines for the street children.
When you think about it, it might seem like such a happenstance' encounter. However, I truly believe that there are no coincidences.
I look forward to that day when I get to meet you physically. In the meantime, it is wonderful to deepen our relationship here at, "Recuerda mi corazon".
Thank you for enriching my life!

Laurie Zuckerman

So beautifully written, Rebecca. I will reread and reread.
Your picture posted for today is one of my all time favorite images of the Sacred Heart of Mary. Did you do the framing yourself. Again it is exquisite.

Robyn [miss*R]

dear Rebecca, I fell into your gorgeous blog by way of Annie.. so glad I followed the link.
I love, love Mother Mary.. will begin to take some snap shots for each day..bless

Cinda Rae Oliverio

I remember YOU told this story once before,maybe not soOOOOo many details but I LOVE to hear it again and again and I will be writing it down sometime soon(our printer is on the blink!)Your mother sleeping and YOU blessed beyond measure!!! Did YOU tell your mother!!as soon as she awoke?!! I answered your question on my post from yesterday dear woman! YES! YOU may!!! ((((((Rebecca))))

Cinda Rae Oliverio

and I LOVE that pendant!!! I bet YOU made it!!!


Your experience of deep love and compassionate, healing union with Our Lady of Guadalupe is a prayer in itself, Rebeccca. It was clearly the most profound calling of your life and has resonated in the depths of your soul. It seems that it was, in fact a dialogue with Soul if that makes sense to you, and Our Lady was the perfect one with whom to have that blessed conversation. No other could have satisfied or brought such healing peace. Her Heart and Yours are now One.


you are wonderful
went looking for her today
us three had some fun...

xox - eb.


That's fantastic -- your vision, the naming of this beautiful place, so much more than a blog, a heart-place, your place, your heart.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Wow! I had time to read now, right before bed. Sheer poetry, stuff of dreams and visions, and I love her and her sacred heart. I again watched Frida tonight, partly inspired, I think, by A Virgin a Day--and a great longing to relive Mexico. I haven't been deep into the interior since 1979. I imagine it has changed.


love-infused... your experience, your heart, your words... thank you for sharing your story with us.

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