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November 27, 2010


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Ms. Moon


ms pie

each snowflake is so beautiful... thank you for posting.. this morning we had the biggest snowflakes falling... and seeing these i can visualize each of these falling from the sky


These are beautiful! Lucky students!


They are beautiful...


These are transparent and fragile wonders of stunning glory! What treasures when the light shines through them and how bright and gleaming the light of a wintry day when viewed through crystalline snowflakes. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us!


I love those snowflakes -- each one more wondrous than the next.

deb taylor

These are my favorite kind of snowflakes, all warm and shiny from the INSIDE! Thank you for such a sparkly view....I wanna come cut glass with you and maybe melt some ice too ~snicker~


your lucky students to be able to PLAY with you! I'll get inspired to cut snowflakes here soon, something Tess and I used to do together every winter...



these are wondrous creations...

Deryn Mentock

Just lovely! My first love was leaded glass. I always get a pang when I see it.

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