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November 14, 2010


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LOL... right there with ya, sister. Perhaps for different reasons, but right there all the same...

Cinda Rae Oliverio

PHEW! I've missed all the EXCITEMENT!!! hehe I would wring his neck just a little, it wouldn't hurt and I think YOU would feel better!! Just a little like just enough to keep him on his toes and he can cater to them and let YOU sit and dream of taxis!!! hehe (((((((Rebecca))))))

Ms. Moon

Taxi, yes, as you said- with Virgin Mary for a driver. The two of you could go off and do fun and wicked things. Hang out in dives. Dance with your shoes off. Discuss men and their ridiculous ideas as you eat food that makes you swoon with delight.

deb taylor

Ms Moon has it right....thumbs out Girls...LET'S GO! Rebecca, I think you need that Mary Taxi driver...and tell her to stop by Tejas on the way to the border!


Great photo and I love the idea of a fast car and tossing roses out the window.


Travel to parts unknown in a fast car? I'm in.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, you don't want to leave town! Try the Virgin!


I will follow you anywhere!!



That's beautiful! Many thanks for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday :)

Molokai Girl

Hmmmm...I sometimes think that fast taxis south of the border is an adrenaline laced adventure! In an instant you have to ask yourself if you are at peace with yourself and ready to 'go'.
Really cool image, though!

Sue fox

WOW! this photography is right up my street, no need for taxi, stay a while longer, take more pics!

love Sue x


I have to admit I love that opening comment. I kept me reading !!!!!!

Maria @ LSS

Fantastic photo!

Happy Ruby!

Maria @ LSS

Auntie E

Interesting mode of the transition of the camera effect.


How about you are driving the taxi. The Virgin is the back-seat driver driving you bonkers with her directions. But she gets you to the right place.

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