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November 27, 2010


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Nostalgic Marveling


My shadow shots

Magical Mystical Teacher

Something sweet lurks here.
Take care, lest its stickiness
overpower you.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Great shadow shot for the day and it does look as though something sweet is lurking there!! And, thank you, I'll have a slice!! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!



The dome shape creates a lovely flow of shiny shadows! Beautiful!


Oooh now this is a tasty shadow shot! Yummy! Have a great week :)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Same subject, take two:


O my goodness, O my dear!
Something sweet is lurking here!
If I take a bite of it,
Then my pants will never fit!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Molokai Girl

I love the chandelier (you're saying, 'what chandelier?' the one in the reflection on the bell jar. Really neat bell jar too-where does one find something like that? And that wicked looking cupcake. I don't know if I could've restrained myself from eating it before photographing it! Delicious image!


Wow, that looks so yummy. Cool shadow shot.


Beautiful, delicious!


How did I miss this -- other than spending my day paying my deposit for a beginning glass blowing course, seeing Fair Game, and having a bit of Irish food at a pub with my dear friend Adrienne, who has more than a drop of Irish blood. Love the shot, Rebecca. Love how the light bounces off the glass.

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