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November 20, 2010


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Nostalgic Marveling

Great capture!

Green Bottle Shadows


Ooh beautiful and not immediately obvious-I love it!

deb taylor

WOW! Give this woman a camera and look what she produces...BRAVO!


Fabulous photo and fabulous words to go with it.

Sue fox

Painter and Poet,
Masterpiece Marriage!

Sue x


Very cool shadow shot! Reflections and shadows, playing together. Your poetic description is soothing to me. I love it.


Cinda Rae Oliverio

mmmmMMMMM! Can I share your shadow?!!! Someone has been messing with my Blog, my banner is gone and now my lettering is BIG! hehe I hope my new password gives them fits if that's what they hacked to make changes on my Blog! Have a Happy Shadow Shot Sunday, maybe yours should have been called Shadow HOT(sexy) Sunday!! hehe

Melanie Bishop

Wow. using shadows to tell a quiet story is great.



It is a "pungent" shot filled with life and color. I love your lively and passionate description. It reminds me of something Neruda would write. He would be offering you a glass of deep red wine at this moment while the two of you filled each other's mouths with pomegranate seeds and placed a white flower behind each ear. Ahh..lovely! Thanks, I wish I knew how to do this, but it is enough to see it here.


Such a potent symbol of the Divine Feminine. And your words are so evocative, so suggestive of eroticism. (I know, I should get out more often).

Magical Mystical Teacher

a luscious story—
lemon branch, pomegranate
in fruity wedlock


Graciously beauty...

Happy SSS...

deb @ talk at the table

how magnificent, the colours, your words.

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