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November 25, 2010


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Cinda Rae Oliverio

O! The violin brings back soOOOOo many memories of my dad playing in bands and reunions and just playing around the house! I will be going to see him today in the Nursing Home, his first Thanksgiving there, soOOOOOo bittersweet today, the darkness and the light bleeding into JOY! Happy Thanksgiving to YOU and YOURS!!! ((((Rebecca))))


A blessing that could only have come from you and your wide open heart. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.


Beautiful! I have been trying to get the children in my class to look joyful in the part of one of our Christmas songs where Joseph is full of joy. It is so sweet to see lots of 3 and 4 year olds all making joyful faces together!

deb @ talk at the table

to being grateful for the tangle...

ah, only you would know this.

while I am not in the US, I am giving thanks always.

Hope your day is wonderful, Rebecca.

deb taylor

I love you my friend.....beyond measure!


to you,
too, missy,

on thanksgiving evening
the pumpkin pie
sits in my tummy
into Happy Fat!


i am thankful
for so much

isn't life grand?

ms pie

a wonderful blessing rebecca.. yes, that we would conquer the light and the darkness with joy and acceptance... happy turkey day to you...

Karen Gerstenberger

Yes. Thankful for you - Blessings to you.


Happy Thanksgiving, Rebecca! I loved reading your words here - especially "may the comfort of all those who have ever loved you return in quiet moments, leaving you kissed and wanted". Yes! I wish that for you, too. Have a terrific weekend!

Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca..

Heart fills with joy
Sun shines happy & bright
Night offers solace..


We have already said all we need to hear from each other, né? Words now are like the wrapping paper in the gift of our friendship.
And you know I keep all the paper and ribbons my gifts come with :)


What a perfectly splendid way to end my beautiful Thanksgiving. I spent it with loving friends--my best friend of 25 years and her family and ended it seeing the movie "Tangles" the disney 3D of Rapunzel with another dear friend. He spoke to me about his brother who is fighting cancer and we hugged and talked and then watched the film and laughed until tears came down. Such a lovely way to spend the evening together when he needed a friend. It is a "tangle" indeed my dear Rebecca, but there is always Love, isn't there.
All My Love to You,


Joy to you and all. Find joy in all you do and all you are. Give thanks for it. Giving thanks is an everyday occurance for some. I try to remember that and I'll take your wish of joy to help me.



This really is quite beautiful - even more intoxicating than Boonie pink. Thank you so much.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Kim Mailhot

So beautiful, Rebecca. What a perfect wish of loving joy. Thank you for that.
Big Love to you !

Sue fox

You are so loved Rebecca, see your beautiful tribe hanging on every word.

Thank you

Sue x


Beautiful sentiment from a beautiful soul..


Just catching up here this morning, Rebecca... thank you for this.

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