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November 26, 2010


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I play, you play,
We all play with colouring.

Windows open, flowers by the bed,
or wherever, what more could anyone want :-)

Magical Mystical Teacher

What? You did not know
that it was I you savored
after the night rain?


'Course I did, dear. That's why I put it up today. And very impressed by your work I am too. I was thinking on it when I made the collage.

deb taylor

I am drinking in the afterjoy of a wonderful family day ...thank you for this play!


Dear Rebecca, how did you know I was conversing with my Mom as I cooked the dressing yesterday using the recipe she served for so many years. Then, there were the candied sweet potatoes from Dad's own recipe. Today, I spoke with a faraway friend who is visiting the casino this afternoon. I just know that phone call was my best gambling buddy from so long ago whose life was cut short telling me to have a great weekend! Thanks for this beautiful post. In our waking and sleeping, dearly departed loved ones always visit from time to time. HUGS!


Rebecca, I reposted today's link on Mr. Linky. My first post was linking to a couple of weeks ago. I hope this one works about today's shopping! Thanks! Marilyn

Kim andersen

I always love The Table on the next day ..... There are lingering moments there .... You've captured it beautifully with simple words ....


This is a lovely post, as all of yours are.
Re, "who's haiku-ing your heart this morning?": ....You are.
My flowers spoke once. They begged me, "Please don't smoke us...." - and of course I didn't.

Have a lovely day, Boonie


It was not a traditional Thanksgiving but lots of thanks being given as Mr R is on the move!!

enjoy this weekend

Kim Mailhot

It's the hearts that make it, isn't it , Lovely Rebecca ! Big Love to you on this days after.


I, too, have been revisiting the lingering moments of family. Lovely, and soul-stirring, as always.


Sue fox

Those flowers are out of this world they speak to me too!

Sue x


Beautiful post Miss Lovely! I miss my mom. I always do on Thanksgiving and all holidays. I had a wonderful warm time with friends but her presence is always missed. She was my whole family really. Those dear to us are always at the table whether we see them or not. Beautiful reminder. Thank you!

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler

I am loving your Haiku. The fresh breeze can make your soul sing.
And your photos from jealous! And so beautiful

Ms. Moon

I am letting you
Haiku your beautiful heart
While I rest from dance.


This is beautiful and nostalgic. It brings back all kinds of memories, bittersweet and unforgettable. The image is lovely as well.


we do indeed taste
all the flavors of longing
this warm gratitude...

xox - eb.

Ramesh Sood

I am sure flowers must have smiled listening back from you.. thanks Rebecca..for this space.. it inspires so much..

Do visit for some more Moon..

Karen Gerstenberger

When my mother gave the blessing over our meal on Thursday, my heart and mind went to that one particular soul for whom I long daily...thank you for sharing that you felt it, too, for those you love.

John Mc

Please just read Haiku (about Jeannies (My 2 Cents- Cat- and don't look at rest of post!

J I forgot it was Haiku Friday and this is awesome!



Conversing with spirits, especially around these holiday times, is a regular occurance for me. Your words give it a soothing ring. I didn't do haiku this week. No energy lately. I'll try to visit all of the regulars. I love them all and would miss them if I didn't try to go to each and every one.
We need to talk about the Saints before December first. I'll e-mail.

Peace to all

ms pie

love the electric lady land photo... and the night air's voice... it is hard not to howl within.... i use to love to set the table for thanksgiving, no one was around, i could savor the moment over prayers and blessings for all who attended the meal...

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