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November 18, 2010


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Kim Mailhot

Oh this photo works so perfectly with my bittersweet day from yesterday ! Thankfully I was able to dance it out and today is able to be much more about JOY !
Fantastic combo, Rebecca !
Happy Thursday !


I'm glad you're doing it early! I was afraid I'd be too busy tomorrow - so yay!

Karen Gerstenberger

I love the poem and the image! We need that here in the Pacific N.W. - thank you!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

O! I LOVE the rain and the sun!!! SWEET haiku just like YOU!!!I'm going to Meri's now!!! xoxoxoo

Ms. Moon

Another virgin haiku. Sigh. I don't think there's one bit of joy in this one. I apologize.


Don't you just love brollies?
Such a great invention.
Almost as good as the wheel.
Makes you feel cosy and safe and protected.
I often walk with one long after the rain has stopped.
Or if it is sunny, and then I call it a parasol rather than a paraplui. If it blows, it is my paravent.


love the joy! My personal ideal - joy in the world. . . love this!

deb taylor

this photo is so freaking joyful! I am dancing in my chair right now! I love you and your JOY!


Singing in the Rain.. I'm singing in the rain..gotta glorious feeling I'm happy again..It is a beautiful photo, rebecca--it shouts loud and clear that no matter what befalls, there is enough deep joy within your heart and soul to provide maximum coverage in a storm.

EG Wow

I feel the joy!


Your haiku’s fun. Your photo’s fun.
This Haiku My Heart event is fun. Thanks for organising it.

All the best, Boonie

Ramesh Sood

Please remove one entry either of 11, 12 I think I have duplicated.. thanks for this place.. oh.. it emboldens..


I've been slumping lately, trying to piece together words that make any sense, but I came to see you for inspiration. Good to find out about Meri's JOY idea, and see you singing and dancing in the rain. I love the photo and the haiku.



Truly beautiful!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


When does your busy schedule take you to Santa Fe...inquiring minds want to know.

Wishing you a joyous weekend!



SO true, so true.... what a great image and perfect words. Makes me want to watch old Fred Astaire movies and let joy into my heart. :)


ms pie

love this expression of joy.... there's something about being out in the rain that brings a bucket load of happiness...

Jill Berry

I have had a very joyful day, and wish one for all of you too!


dreaming of you
and santa semana...

you fill me up with joy,
xox - eb.


so beautiful. truly. joining in with Haiku my Heart brings me lots of joy (although my poem isn't about joy, but it isn't depressing either)


This is so true and so lovely. Glede-joy in Norwegian-if I have remembered correctly!
Happy weekend to you Rececca!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Dear Rebecca and everyone else who participates in Haiku My Heart Friday: You may not be aware of another haiku meme, Sensational Haiku Wednesday. It could use an infusion of new life. Why not stop by Jenn's "You know ... that Blog?" next week and bring your gifts of joy? You can check out the most recent haiku here:

Thank you!

Magical Mystical Teacher

peggy gatto

I loved visiting the players blogs for this challenge!

Melanie Bishop

Just love Haiku My Heart. Such wonderful poems.



Dear Rebecca,
Hope you are OK.
Preferably hung-over from a good Thanxgiving ?

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