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November 11, 2010


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glad to be doing this again! And yours, as usual, is gorgeous in every way.


Oh Rebecca. I see you there, as a little girl among the red hens. It is your "child spirit" among them there in white, feeding them with angelic rhymes and the gifts of hope and love that only you have to offer so many. Thank you for being you and for being home. Thank you for this lovely photograph which elicits what is so essential in Mexico--the beautiful simplicity of everyday life.
Much Love,


Great haiku and photo. Thanks.
Re Mexico Mondays: I'm a little disappointed because it'll clash with my planned series - "Manchester and Milton Keynes Mondays". That's life I guess.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Someone Is Special

Glad to be here.........

--Someone Is Special--

deb taylor

~dreaming of angels~ your haiku is beautiful, like YOU.

Sue fox

I remember playing with the hens in the hen houses!

love the playful haiku

love you

Sue x


You were missed. I,too, am glad you are back. Wonderful picture and Haiku!


I think every kid should feed chickens at some point...that photo and haiku are so sweet,so warm!


I so want chickens.

Ms. Moon

I think red hens are a sort of angels. And black ones and speckled ones too.
Welcome home, rebecca. It is always so good to see you.


(wanted to share one I wrote yesterday, too...)

Kim Mailhot

I have such deep Mexico love too but seeing it through your eyes and those of the Lovely Deb will make it even deeper I am sure !
Big Love, Rebecca!


Ah, you're really really back.
And gracing us again with your mellifluous and highly appreciated comments.


dreaming as well and marigold still fill my head.



She looks like a little angel. I love her pigtails and the way she's wearing her pretty white dress to feed the hens. I love the red hens, too. Somehow I got mixed up this morning and linked to last week's haiku, so here I am now in the right place!


thank you so much for inviting me to return to Haiku my Heart. You are instilling a love of Haiku in me. Great to see you writing again.


Cinda Rae Oliverio

AhhhHH! This photo brings back memories! I used to LOVE to feed the chickens!(this was of course before we had the mean rooster!) They were soOOOOo greatful! I imagine that lil gal's dress got a little dusty! Thanks! for such a SWEET Haiku and photo!Simple gifts are the BEST kind! xoxoxox

kim andersen

I can almost feel the warm breath of the air amid the chatter of chickens and giggles of a child. Lovely image, lovelier haiku

ms pie

the innocence of a child exhales... ahh, so many memories... yes, a wonderful simple gift rebecca... welcome back home... haiku my heart.frijoles


Lovely and so true...


oh hens and red hens
loving this potent image
collecting the eggs...

sashay on a breath
this translucent golden light
one more maple leaf...

oh and this one too:

raking golden leaves
effervescent milagros
miracles of light...

love you so,
xox - eb.


we love
our red hens
and french pigs

don't we!


the lesson
i am taking away from here

''''even red hens pause''''

so look for me



in Pause Mode!


The light in this photo is heavenly!


Beautiful. I love the nostalgic quality of the photo and the magical essence of your words. There's something wistful about it all.

Thank you for correcting my link. I have no idea what happened.


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