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November 17, 2010


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i have looked
and looked
and looked
and there are No Virgins at my house, missy!


{{ i will try
to look
more diligently }}

Cinda Rae Oliverio

I was just day dreaming and night dreaming of painting her!!! I LOVE her so!!! I will be here December 1 with LOVE!


This is a lovely idea. I grew up with Mary in our house. I am not sure about participating in this one, but I the idea, truly. whatever happened to paper? did I miss that entirely? This is a fantastic post, Rebecca. I do remember all of those stories of the appearances of Our Lady of Guadalupe from childhood. They are still dear to my heart.


I'm sitting here thinking.... Imight have some ideas for thios, we'll see. Whether I find Our Lady here and there or not, I am glad to touch base with you. We have so much to share. Seems like we've both been so busy. Peace, Love and Light to you and all you hold dear.

Ms. Moon

I have so many. I will post a few.

deb taylor

I am so into this! She is everywhere....and Virgins and Marys have taken up residence in my home this past year so I have plenty to beautiful..I am posting her right now on my blog...thanks Rebecca!


"a virgin a day" - do you know, I completely misunderstood what this post would be about when I read the title?
You use words beautifully.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Sue fox

When we adopted our old camper van we call 'Celeste' (because every journey so far has been 'cosmic'), she came complete with a little statue of Mary, she's been on the dash board all along!!!

Looking forward to the postings.

Sue x

Magical Mystical Teacher

I wasn't going to participate, but now I think I shall. A month ago, my dwelling was burglarized, and I lost my external hard drive, along with other electronics. On that hard drive were some glorious pictures of the Virgin that I had taken at Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tucson. Sadness upon sadness. However, just two days ago, I had the opportunity to revisit the mission and now, I am happy to say, I have some photos of the Virgin that are even more glorious than the ones I took several months ago!

Fran Meneley

Lovely Rebecca - I am loving all your Mexico posts too. So much beauty and Mexican grace. Here is a link to some madonnas I have made. She is in my house and heart too, always. Love this. Fran

Kay Dennison

Fran sent me here to share a blog post I did last summer about a Virgin about 2 hours from me. Here's the link to my blog:

And here's the link to the story behind her:

I hope you enjoy her as much Fran and I do.
La Virgen de Guadalupe sits and keeps watch over me as I blog which is probably how I keep from going over the edge.

And oh yeah, I'm adding you to my list.

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