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November 16, 2010


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i am also one of those drawn to to magic of this sacred land, though i have never traveled very far into the interior.

and, oh! your words...these photos...

i actually caught my breath reading this post; my 6-year-old son just said to me "what? what is it?!!', thinking something was afoot!

thank you for helping me usher in the day with magic and beauty!


oh how I wish to stroll this path with you....the photos are amazing...I can FEEL it


The door grabs my imagination and shakes me. Come, it says. Look into my heart.


Oh, this sounds fantastic and perhaps in another lifetime I would be able to go! I just got back from a trip to New Mexico and so enjoyed and marveled at the art and color and rich spirituality inherent in the land and buildings there...


One day...

Happy that I can take it all in and 'come away' with you in the eye of your camera.



Dear Rebecca,
Thankfully, I was able to experience this in Guatemala many years ago. A parade riding over flowered carpets in the street. YES is was an EXTRAORDINARY experience!!


Margaret Lambert

It is a perfect time to enjoy San Miguel, to appreciate the value of faith and how the people celebrate their devotion. The flutter of sweet girl angels, the palm arches, the rich blue of Mary's cloak...once experienced it must be unforgettable.


and look....

one day came, it truly came...

I am forever grateful



It looks fantastic. How I wish I could go --

deb taylor

you are the most amazing tempstress (is that a word?) IT IS NOW! You know how to get to a girl...these photos laced with your word magic....make me want to buy my ticket TODAY! Such a beautiful post...again! Thank you


I just came back from Mexico and ten days with Rebecca. It was MAGIC!


But in the meantime, you have taken us there with your photos and words... lovely.


I came here thanks to Meri. San Miguel is one of the most beautiful places on earth; I feel like we are kindred spirits in some way. I will be back again! EFH

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Dear God, let me dream of going to San Miguel de Allende!!!!!


Your photos are so amazingly beautiful, such a rich tapestry of the sacred journey taken each year by these pilgrims. It looks like a lovely possibility. I cannot imagine a richer experience. Cost is an issue as always. I am keeping it in mind. Thank you for these lovely photos and for sharing such a deep and profoundly transformational time.

Karen Gerstenberger

Gorgeous pageantry and deep meaning...what could be better?

Magical Mystical Teacher

Marvelous photos! San Miguel de Allende, here I come! (Thanks, of course, to Rebecca!)

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