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October 27, 2010


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Cinda Rae Oliverio

I LOVE YOU!! and dreams of flying too! Words from the Bible, words from God, a baby's first smile,turquoise and all colors, a rainbow sighting still excites,roses smell. a morning glory lasting until evening,raindrops on a tin roof, sunflowers giant presence, a walk upon the hill, a kitty's soft fur, a dog's true heart, a crow's familiar Caw, bells ringing in a distance,stained glass shining in the sun, shopping for material, dresses too, and most of all, getting together with my family and friends!!! What have I left out?!! Millions of things I need to Thank GOD for!!!Have a SWEET day to one of the SWEETEST women I know!!(((((Rebecca)))))

deb taylor

I love love. I love my hippie boyfriend who adores me and my love. I love the way I can hear my sons smile when I talk to him on the phone. I love his wife. I love a good bottle of red wine. I love knowing that in two days I will see your face. ~and we will swim in candlelight together~

deb @ talk at the table

and I love when you write like this, like only you can.
and I love how it gives me a gift , just like that.
because love is so easy if we let it .


I love everything, and one of the things I enjoy and love so much is to read your posts because they inspire me. I love that I'm jealous because you get to be in San Miguel de Allende for El Dia de los Muertos. (tee hee)I'm not the writing type of person so I'll just say, What's not to love, everything is good.
Have a great trip when you leave with Stephanie and others, take care and be safe.


Dearest, loveliest Rebecca, I love how your words shimmer light into dark places and lift my heart.

Sue fox

I love to read your words they are soothing to the spirit, uplifting to the soul and bring comfort to many.

Thank you my love. x


OOOOooooooooooo! I love this, and I love YOU! BIG love which is rapidly growing faster then the universe is expanding. I love all these things you love. I love wine. I love my husband who knew me in my youth, my children. Oh how I love my daughter-in-law! I love chicken chili in the slow cooker. I love love my garden and home. I love dreaming. I love planning what I will do with all the money I win in the lottery, lots and lots of good good things for people in need. I love that God is God and I am not. I love the seasons and the changes and the comfort longevity brings of knowing the light on every inch of my own land. I love hearing the birds praising God at the crack of dawn. I love all the things I have been throughout my years...the dancer, the horse woman, the fearless downhill skier. I love this life, this gift, this day. I love God's people. I love love. ♥♥♥ Deb


YOU are a beautiful person, and I love how you share that beauty with everyone, day after day after day.


I love everything about this post and the person who created it. I love having seen my nephews faces for the first time in 7 years, even though they have changed so much. I love remembering that I still have a family who loves me. I love the mountains of Santa fe and I miss them. I love the changing light there and the beauty of the yellow leaves. I love the ocean of Santa Barbara too. I am sorry that I have not sent the money and you are leaving. If there was a fast way for me to get it to you before you left, I would do it. I will send it in the mail and I guess that will have to suffice. My deepest apologies. I came back from the trip and was not feeling well for a day or so.


I just wanted to say how deeply and profoundly beautiful your writing is, Rebecca. I find it so very moving. Thank you.


I love.

Peace to you. Have a safe wonderful journey. I have sent hugs to you with other blog friends that will be with you. I will feel the spirits bringing your greeting to us here at home on Monday.


Ms. Moon

I know I would love to wear a dress and walk around somewhere beautiful with you. Yes. I would love that.

Karen Gerstenberger

I love friendships, family, nature, writing, blogging, the Divine, cats, romance, silence, crab, chocolate, artists...and your beautiful spirit!
Bon Voyage and vaya con Dios!


i love whispers from nieces,


{{hope you
are having the best time }}


I love your poetry! ♥♥♥ Its so beautiful and really touches my heart. I'm so glad I stopped by tonight. Wini xo

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