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October 21, 2010


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Old cookstoves comfort my soul as nothing else can--which is something else to crow about! (I'll post in the morning.)


Love your photo and haiku Rebecca. It's strange as I had chosen a chimney and fireplace for this week - one that i often wonder about and would love to know it's stories.
Thank you so much for hosting Haiku My heart Friday, I always appreciate being able to join your group.


Hi Rebecca, my dear. I am still in Santa Fe. I have found the perfect post card and am finally getting around to sending it. I am sorry it has taken so long. I LOVE your photo. I am eating enchiladas with LOTS of GREEN CHILE. And seeing many sights similar to those in your lovely picture. I have so many photos to show you when I get home. Love you, miss you.

Scarlet Ily

Charming old stove for a charming haiku! Btw, I find the kitchen to be the sexiest room in a house. :)


I love your post today - charming, witty, profound too.

Have a nice day, Boonie


Hiya Rebecca,
I am having trouble with the maxim:
'cleanliness is next to godliness'
Even though my stove isn't quite that bad, I must be a heathen at heart:-)


I can just imagine the warmth that "old" stove brought to a harsh winter. I can smell the food that was cooked on it. A comfort for these chilly Autumn mornings! Great haiku! Thanks, Rebecca, for hosting haiku my heart. It's a great way to start a Friday!


If I had such a place to create, I'd be crowing too! The fowl sets off this beautiful space. I'm drawn in as I love to cook. I see myself hanging around here, tending to a kettle of soup and passing around the spice bottles with unmeasured precision.
I love your haiku, it warms my heart onn this cold morning here in the Northland.


EG Wow

Your haiku speaks to the heart. The kitchen is indeed the crow about it room.


I love your warm and cozy photo and haiku so much. It reminds me of my mother's kitchen. She would love this rooster. He's so full of life and color and rooster-y exuberance!

The stove reminds me of a little cast iron doll stove I had when I was a little girl. My daughter still has it : )


You and Deb both are kitchen lovers. I used to be.
Love the pic! As well as the words!

Ms. Moon

Okay. I want that picture as a poster in my house. I am going to STEAL it!
And I don't even have a haiku today to offer in trade.
I love you Rebecca. I am so glad you're back, bringing warm-flame home comfort, color and love.
And a rooster.
No one but you. No one but you.

Kim Mailhot

Love your cozy, kitchen haiku ! Reminded me of my Dad who had a whole collection of roosters in his kitchen...
Happy Friday, Beautiful Hostess !


Love that rooster!

Jill Berry

Sorry I forgot to update the link. new haiku today! Rebecca can you delete the first post of mine?


And a well-loved kitchen it is... :)



Whoops am on there a couple of times I think in the linky thing. Promise I'm not spamming. :)


exactly how i feel about my warm and homespun spot...pull a pie out and crow about inviting all to share...yum...happy weekend to you

Katsui Jewelry

Love it!! Love Mexico. Love your haiku. I think you are Maija's good friend in SM, aren't you?

Cinda Rae Oliverio

COCK-A-DOODLE-DO!!! LOVE the old stove and I still cook a lot with my old iron skillet just like that one!!! LOVE, love the rooster!! although a rooster jumped on my back when I was little!!! Mom had to come out with the broom to get him off!!!Dad had him dressed for Sunday dinner but he was too tough to eat, THANK GOD!!!

Ramesh Sood

Hi Rebecca, Lovely haiku that.. I think first time i have read a haiku on kitchen.. thanks..

And sorry some problem with my entry at Sr. no. 18..please ignore..

Mama Zen

Love it!


Isn't that just the best background to a stove you have ever seen?! I would love to look at that as I was cooking! Great haiku too. Thanks for the birthday wishes!


I think I'll steal that for a poster too, it is awesome. Lovely Haiku for it as well. I can imagine someone cooking there. I remember on the ranch we lived when I was young and oh that was so long ago, an older lady lived in one of the houses that was rented out to her and she had this similar type of stove only it was black, the real stuff. She cooked beans on there and made the best tortillas, the smells were just awesome. You brought memories back to me. Her name was Antonia and she had "8" kids.Whew! Thanks for sharing your beautiful words.

ms pie

oh my goodness rebecca... that is such a hoot!!... all sorts of emotions passed through my mind, laughter, warmth, smiling... fondness of fair.. it is always such a pleasure to come by your spirit of life is contagious!!! rainy curtain

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